ID,"Rink Name",Latitude,Longitude,Description,"Creation Date" 8,"Haydn's Rink",43.4512,-80.493,"My rink.","2018-10-23 12:22:30" 9,"UB2 neighbourhood rink",43.4585,-80.5688,"Wooden boards with plastic liner, approx 25' x 40'. Maintained by neighbourhood volunteers","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 10,"68 Slapshot Circle",42.6331,-72.5874,"20'x40' with white plastic liner, 16"" side boards, in full sun","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 11,bellerive,45.4044,-73.3696," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 12,"Reichheld Rink",44.7519,-63.7904,"Liner with low wood frame, on slight incline. Used 30-60 tarp - skating area approx. 20'x55'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 13,Resource13,43.9048,-78.8366,"20x40 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 14,"Regina Beach Outdoor Rink",50.792,-104.994," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 15,"MacIsaac Rink",45.2359,-75.4675,"33'x75', 4' boards w/ rounded corners, liner, 3000W of lighting","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 16,"PVD Rink",43.3812,-80.4394,"26 x 48 with three 4x8 sheet boards at one end with netting on top.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 17,"tranter park",46.2914,-84.0318,"outdoor community","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 18,"Carabram Park Community Ice Rink",43.7621,-79.7376,"Carabram Park Community Ice rink is a volunteer built and maintained ice rink on a large baseball diamond. 2016 is the third consecutive year it has been built.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 19,"Joe Gibbons Park",43.6444,-79.8858,"community ice pad","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 20,"ZE PATINOIRE",45.4926,-73.4954,"Private Rink. Approx 40' x 100'. Firepit in the middle.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 21,"Anola Ice #BYR",49.8876,-96.6344,"40'x 20' Backyard Rink - 12"" 5/8 Plywood Boards, braces cut from 2x12, 6 mil white poly liner, and bumper caps(pool noodles).","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 22,"Guelph Street Park",43.4664,-80.4824,"Double outdoor rink on a tennis court and basketball court maintained by volunteers","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 23,Raabe,49.8273,-97.0771,"66' x 40' back yard rink which converts to a beach volleyball court in the summer","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 24,DeRaedt,41.655,-83.711,"Full Size Rink on ground water pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 25,"Luke's Rink",56.7394,-111.464,"2021/22 new set up this season... a 50'x 21' backyard rink. LED arena lighting to ensure hours of skating during the dark, cold winter nights","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 26,PJE-ICE,42.0804,-71.3997,"36x56 with rounded courners","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 27,"Eliasmith rink",43.4578,-80.5614,"23' x 50' backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 28,"Lizard's RInk",40.5398,-80.1871,"16 x 32 - our first rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 29,"Doney Family Rink",51.1328,-114.146,"35 x 65 Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 30,Valhalla,43.6629,-93.3302,"backyard pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 31,"Water St Omni",42.2716,-71.311,"68x42 Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 32,Allison's,47.0512,-65.4766,35X55,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 33,Riley-Smith,43.455,-80.5665,"110 McCrae Backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 34,"Sangsta Ice Palace",44.1008,-79.4775,"55' x 35' of pure bliss complete with white Christmas lights, floodlights, flags, backstop netting and a disco ball.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 35,"Godbout/McLean family rink",44.0624,-80.0999,"60' by 40' with 4' foot boards at the ends with netting and 2' board for the sides. Liner used with 2 water trucks full of water. Have 4 construction lights is corners.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 36,"Kierstead Drive Arena",47.0298,-65.5104,"32ft x 62.5ft Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 37,"Wallace family rink",41.3755,-73.4212,"Trapezoidal rink approx 24x45. Depth varies from 2 inches to 18 inches. Full sun exposure during skating season.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 38,"La Glacière",48.5325,-71.656,"26' x 60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 39,"Mini Mariucci",42.2412,-83.8448,"40 x 14 foot rink inside barn","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 40,"The Crosspatch",40.8223,-74.2022,"The Crosspatch is a 24x40 rink. Built in 2014 in North NJ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 41,Ethan,42.4093,-82.182,"30 by 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 42,"Home Ice",40.8683,-74.5953,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 43,"Haydn's Rink",46.2862,-83.0566,test,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 44,Spitfires,42.2345,-83.0065," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 45,"North Beverly",42.5872,-70.8838,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 46,"Farmingville Tree Monsters Rink",40.8538,-73.0124,"Our family 18x26 backyard rink. 2015 is our 3rd yr and good skating so far. Pic is from Jan 2015. 2014 temps were great with polar vortex and all. Late start to skating in 2015, but so far so good. Not easy to make and keep ice here on Long Island.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 47,"DJV Rink",39.7719,-74.8601,"30x90 - 6"" pipe construction","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 48,"Second Rink",46.1543,-71.7059,"15 X 25 small rink, using a white tarp. Sides made with piece of planks","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 49,"Puckin Around Practice Pad",42.2742,-83.237,"9'× 21' Shooting pad Layered ice. 3.5 mill plastic liner. held up by boarders of snow.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 50,"Mesko Pond",40.95,-75.2091,"Roughly 90'x150' pond. Usually has decent ice end of December though middle of February. We average around 70 man hours a year to keep the ice nice.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 51,"Naše klzisko",43.5896,-84.789,"28' x 46' (8.5 x 14 m). Illuminated for night skating & hockey.
","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 52,"Mos Iceley",43.2038,-77.4226,"Second-year rink builders in Webster, NY. This year's 40'x60' backyard rink ""Mos Iceley"" is home to our pond hockey team the Tusken Raiders!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 53,"team seabass",44.0254,-70.0981,"32' x 80' rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 54,"SNPCA rink",52.0992,-106.626,"Community association rink with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 55,"The Backyard Puddle",45.3675,-63.2403,"A fairly big puddle that froze hard enough to skate and play hockey on.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 56,"Lake DangleSnipeCelly",41.7906,-88.1382,"42'x 60' in size, lots of fun for the family and neighborhood friends.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 57,Backyard17,43.6277,-79.5717,"21x40 poly lined with end boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 58,"Matthews Backyard",42.1736,-87.7942,"30'x40' backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 59,"Auclair Rink (approx 32 x 56)",45.4903,-73.4521,"approx 32 ft x 56ft (10m x 17m )","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 60,"Parete Palace",43.9155,-79.7436,"24ft x 48ft 12-15inches of boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 61,Eastender,49.8448,-99.9245,16x32,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 62,"Sniper's Alley",41.8711,-88.0233,"22' x 52' backyard rink. Half shaded, half in sun.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 63,Stonewall,50.1492,-97.3396,"Outdoor rink is on a retention pond in my backyard.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 64,"Parkview NIR, North York",43.7747,-79.3935,"Public 85 x 120 Skating Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 65,"Rice Rink",41.7225,-88.2207,"48' x 16'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 66,"Markus Rink",43.7584,-79.4198,"10'x20' Quik Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 67,"Rink in the Woods",44.7503,-79.9818,"29' x 59', 2"" x 8"" Boards ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 68,"kevin's yard",43.6698,-79.4247,"backyard tarp - 14feet by 55 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 69,"Fake Rink",51.5771,-86.3525,"Not a real rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 70,"BD House",53.4852,-113.521,"20x28 backyard rink. Photo from this year. Mid flood.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 71,"Wielemaker Rink",45.2386,-75.5394,"28'x85' Side Yard, All Natural","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 72,"Idabel Lake",49.7392,-119.18,"Idabel Lake Resort maintains an outdoor skating rink beside the resort dock, with seating, floodlights, and washrooms.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 73,"Highgate Rink",42.4791,-76.4961,"40x28 (since 2014-15)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 74,"Keppoch Coliseum",46.2004,-63.1018,"50' x 40' Rink Poly Liner. 2' Plywood ends 1' plywood sides","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 75,"Felton Backyard Rink",42.3426,-72.4741,"We build a 40' by 60' backyard rink using construction plastic and scrap wood. I'll add a photo as soon as it is built.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 77,Frozenlake,53.2725,-110.02,"38x16 with a cement RV pad for a base. Ice is only 1"" thick on one end and 2 1/2"" thick on other end.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 78,"Spring Avenue",41.826,-87.8805,"rink is 34x48 feet 15"" of pitch","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 79,"Nerds Arena",43.1443,-77.5375,"20' x 32' backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 80,"Czajkowski's backyard",41.8233,-83.5762,"medium, about 40 feet by 60 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 81,"Sheldon Ave Sheet",43.4432,-80.4618,"24ft x 56ft with boards and tarp","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 82,"Winchester invitational",45.0897,-75.3473,"60 foot x 24 foot 8 inches deep","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 83,"Breedough Rink",44.8265,-68.6573,"35x50 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 84,NanaMimiDydy,50.4195,-104.548,"Just a simple back yard rink as big as I can make for my yard. My yard has a good slope .. one end is about three feet thick -- the other is only inches thick.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 85,M@,43.1227,-71.5625,33x24,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 86,"OC Rink",41.6903,-86.0971,"Osceola, IN rink 55x35","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 87,FutureHabs,45.9501,-66.6586,"20 by 30","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 88,JM,46.0938,-64.6869,"24x48 backyard rink. Plywood sheets at the shooting end.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 89,"Navan Rink of Dreams",45.4222,-75.4394,"32x55 ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 90,"beebe memorialpark",45.0425,-72.2131,"waiting for the cold ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 91,"Great Plain Garden",42.2834,-71.2545,"32x48 with 12x2 boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 92,"Berardi Rink",41.3143,-73.1883,"Backyard 17x48 started in 2003.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 93,"Graysboro Blues",40.3084,-75.0879,"40'x60' tarp lined rink built with recycled doors.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 94,"Le Forum Champagne",51.0404,-114.184,"Backyard rink, SW Calgary","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 95,Stanley99,43.5143,-80.248,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 96,"Northern Splendor",60.9473,-135.129,"18'x32' rink with 2""x8"" wood frame, no liner. First flood was Dec 18, 2015. Rink was skateable Dec 21, 2015.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 97,"CEM Memorial",42.7835,-80.1937,30'x20',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 98,BBURG,39.5366,-104.984," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 99,Edgewater,51.2841,-114.005,"25' x 15' backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 100,"Sierra Drive Omni",40.7501,-74.7863,"30x60 rink using Iron Sleek Brackets and Plywood. Flooded Jan 17-19, 2016. Skate-able Jan 21, 2016.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 101,"Rink on Robson",44.5435,-80.8594,"Backyard rink, 18'x24' in Grey County Ontario","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 102,"The Goodies",46.3924,-63.8086,"Small 30x30 backyard rink with a liner. First year ever building one.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 103,"Moosehead Arena",42.8266,-80.9363,"26' x 46', 4' high walls, 8' end boards, lights & heated skate shack","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 104,"London Backyard Rink",45.3203,-65.9606,"30 x 75, five kids","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 105,"Papa's Puddle 2",43.9271,-69.7871,"45' X 95'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 106,"Sudbury (South)",42.3835,-71.4484,"36'x60' Backyard Rink, Transplanted Canadian. First Ice 12/16/13, 1/1/15.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 107,"Cullum Barnyard Outdoor Colisium",52.8422,-110.819,"built since cold enough to freeze water","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 108,PanamaIce,41.8641,-79.1457,"24' X 36'. First Season ever 2015-16.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 109,CritterRink,51.5334,-106.966,"45' x 80' flooded liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 110,"Courtland Park",45.445,-73.7673,"Has a full-size hockey rink, a smaller family-oriented recreational rink and a chalet. More info:","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 111,MiniCorelCentre,45.4599,-75.6028," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 112,"The Urban Pond",43.4515,-76.5122,"24' x 48' Backyard Rink in Oswego, NY.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 113,ruggledome,50.2966,-96.9298,165x72,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 114,"Grissom Rink 2105/16",45.6448,-108.062,"41x37 in Billings MT USA.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 115,RinkRod1,45.4033,-74.1383,"app 35 ft by 70 feet, no boards, no plastic sheeting","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 116,Rebels-Rink,43.8283,-79.4091,"Backyard rink - 20 x 40 Photo from Jan 6, 2016","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 117,"Great Island Rink",43.0702,-70.7226,"- local rink at our school - 104x64 plastic liner - 12"" avg depth","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 118,Brandt,44.8559,-92.8345,"24x55 north side of house, mostly shade all day. 2015 season fill 17-DEC","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 119,"Keelan BYR",43.8781,-79.7312,"Backyard rink, started building around 1999, late start this year. First skate Jan. 19th 2016. Approx. 40-70'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 120,"Barry's Sheet",45.2019,-76.0166,"rural Ashton, Ontario packed snow on grass,no liner;approximately 25'x 70'; 4' boards plus 10' netting on both ends","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 121,"Hillcrest Gardens",40.3908,-80.0527,"Second year backyard rink, 36x29, plywood sides","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 122,"Beasley Park",43.2583,-79.8611,"Beasley Park Hamilton Ontario","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 123,"The Wienerplex",45.308,-75.8919,"36' x 70' backyard, liner with low boards, lit","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 124,"Starzec family rink",42.7309,-88.1543,"30 x 75 backyard rink. Max depth 14"".","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 125,"Howies rink",44.5975,-76.0886,"Large man made pond.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 126,"Kendall Creek Coliseum",49.6596,-83.5593,"Our rink is located out our backdoor on Kendall Creek. It's dimensions change each year and are usually determined by the amount of snow we have to shovel each winter, and the number of available shovelers. :-)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 127,"Valley East Gardens",46.6478,-80.9295,"30 x 50 Feet ( Last years Pic )","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 128,"Kingswood Civic Center",39.8801,-74.8993,"20x30 backyard rink in Marlton, NJ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 129,Laforest,45.7225,-73.4719,"Grande glace de hockey","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 130,"Home Team Skating",44.5999,-75.1628,"A backyard rink for the kids.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 131,JPM,42.0408,-71.0848,"36x48 NiceRink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 132,"Bodio Home Rink",42.1302,-71.5739,"24 X 48 NiceRink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 133,Edithvale,43.773,-79.4193,"Wonderful outdoor rink! Located just west of Talbot Rd. and Finch Ave. W. on Lorraine Drive.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 134,"McGrath Rink",41.8375,-88.1199,29'x52',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 135,"Matsu Tala",58.9806,22.7918,"10 meters x 30 meters","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 136,"Burg Back Yard",42.9236,-85.6518,"It is filled with kids and fills our small back yard. Inside boards with curved corners. Measures 16ft wide x 36ft long. Grand Rapids, MI","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 137,"Home of the Legaces",48.2539,-89.1211,"20x36, 4' boards on sides and 8' on ends. regulation nets. almost entire backyard. well lit up, boys 10 and 11 love it as well as their Westfort Rangers team members","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 138,"S&V Ice Palace",46.0024,-66.8982,"40 x 60 open ice masterpiece","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 139,"M.A.C.S. Arena",49.8574,-124.504,"Our 19'x40' concrete slab is located on the north side of our house preserving it from above freezing temp during the day and we flood at night!.. Since 2010 only 23 days open as of Jan 1st 2016","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 140,"My Rink",50.0742,-97.0305,"40' x 96' - No TARP!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 141,"Coughlin Gardens",46.278,-63.1067," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 142,"Black bear lodge",44.9437,-116.058,"20x40 sheet with ice bar in the Payette forest.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 143,"Spooner Outdoor Rink",45.8335,-91.8951,"This rink is located directly north of the middle school (.4 mile) on college street.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 144,"Herring Cover Rink",44.6218,-63.5449,"20x30 backyard rink on incline, boards and tarp, decorative tree lights, but no disco ball :(","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 145,"The Pond",42.4397,-71.1475,"Size: 24x48 Water Depths: 3""-17""","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 146,Sheppard,43.447,-80.4716,"Rink at Sheppard Public school in Kitchener","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 147,"Valentine Rink",42.7016,-78.9891,20x30,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 148,"R&R Rink",42.2859,-71.3868,"25x51 2x12 boards 13.75"" deep end","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 149,"Cohabitat Quebec",46.7829,-71.2748,"Large ice rink in a cohousing community","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 150,"Frozen Acre",44.4249,-78.1293,"25x60- simple but perfect","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 151,"Nicholas's Rink",42.0343,-82.6038,"52 X 32, Most southernly rink in Canada","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 152,"Backyard Rink",45.4819,-73.6048,HomeRink24x48,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 153,Delfshaven,44.4751,-80.4917,"40X100 on bare grass","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 154,Jsd,43.2932,-80.4486," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 155,"VdB family rink",43.4544,-80.5526,"approx 24 x 48 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 156,"Hiscoe's Rink",43.1216,-79.1991,"60x36ft, 6 flood lights 300w each, NHL regulation arena nets, expanding every year. 6 years running.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 157,"Luhowy Ice Gardens",44.1391,-81.6736,"19 x 36","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 158,"Monty's Madness",43.4193,-79.7712,30'x55',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 159,"Backyard Rink",46.2043,-64.5582,"a small 10'x20' (aprox.) rink for the kids to play on in the back yard. I water it from time to time to keep the surface nice.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 160,"Truchon Family Rink",44.4599,-73.1684," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 161,Layne,40.0823,-105.128,"30 x 15 simple backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 162,JJRink,51.4726,-109.167,"Basic Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 163,"Rusholme Gardens",43.779,-79.3872,"40' x 20' of national pride and local glory in the heart of downtown Toronto Location is wrong on this map. We are in the Bloor and Dufferin area.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 164,"Backyard Rink",43.6408,-79.4963,"Natural ice on backyard lawn","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 165,"The Ball Centre",45.3216,-75.6007,"Backyard rink - 50' x 30' with boards and lighting","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 166,"McQuay Gardens",43.9394,-78.4887,"rink is 30x40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 167,Clark's,46.4047,-63.8419,"40X70 Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 168,"Peters Rd. Coliseum",46.3848,-63.4131,"40 x 70 with silage tarp liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 169,"Jack and Cara Williams' Outdoor Rink",43.4608,-80.5666,"45x25 - low boards. White tarp","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 170,"Maple Leaf Gardiners",43.6319,-79.7171,"Small 17'x30'. Big slope - 4"" shallow corner, 30"" deep corner.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 171,"Anne Good Park",43.1765,-80.2997,"Anne Good Park 60x100' on grass","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 172,"Darren's Rink",49.907,-97.0257,"26' X 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 173,"Nelson Bay",45.9279,-89.3646,"150'x75' on lake. First safe ice DEC-27 2015. Resurface with lake water using 5gpm transfer pump and manzoni.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 174,Wakelin,46.9677,-65.6248," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 175,JimDoucette,45.3369,-76.6613,"25' x 60' pad with short boards. Base is packed snow, soaked with water and compressed. Short boards along three sides. One hockey net.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 176,"Hull Family Rink",42.4235,-87.8906,"The Hull family rink is a 17 year tradition in Mundelein, IL. It is 45'x25, has two NHL regulation goals and the site of family and old timer games all winter.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 177,Rockport,44.3825,-75.9339,"28 Old River Road large man made pond ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 178,Har_Rink,43.497,-80.5563,"Finally skating this year. 14ft x 28ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 179,Dorset,44.0714,-92.5112,"45 x 27","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 180,"Jarry (backyard)",45.4392,-73.7347,"Neighbours connecting icerink Hockey ( 21 X 53 ) with a path my neighbour ( 5 X 48 ) oval","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 181,"Morriston meadow ice field",43.4483,-80.1169,"For the 2015 -16 season we will have a 30' by 75' rink. El Nina","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 182,"Fire and Ice",45.4754,-73.637,"Back yard rink - 36 by 40 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 183,"Parc Barnston",45.1056,-71.8847," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 184,"Judge Rink",43.4771,-81.2029,"Judge Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 185,"Edgewater Ice Garden",44.901,-93.2504,"32 x 80","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 186,WC136,50.4397,-104.355,33x66',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 187,"Cottesloe Ice!",44.3959,-78.0762,"Tarp & Boards, nothing fancy!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 188,morrisonbackyard,43.4498,-80.4711,"40 x 50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 189,"Cliff's Rink",43.6773,-79.4386,"18' x 40' back yard unrefrigerated","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 190,"Lauerhass Rink",39.9719,-82.9042,"24x40ft rink with outdoor lights east of downtown Columbus. Replaces Lauerhass Rink missed placed in Delaware","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 191,"My Rink",45.2484,-75.6027,"Backyard rink 32' x 18'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 192,"D-K Gardens",43.8181,-79.3877,"40' x 24' (12"" Boards, 50'x30' White Tarp)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 193,Woodshed,43.431,-80.5162,"24'-40' Backyard, White Tarp-base, Plywood boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 194,"The Owen Butler Rink",45.4674,-75.4954,"Backyard, with 3 ' boards, 50 x 30 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 195,"Dugas Civic Center 2",46.7503,-71.3862," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 196,"Edge Water Oval",44.3667,-79.6413,"~30x40? 2nd year trying","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 197,"Matheson Arena",46.1291,-67.6299,"Combined hockey and backyard curling rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 198,"Parc Seigniory",45.4511,-73.8298,"rink maintained by the City of Pointe-Claire; build on a old asphalt base.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 199,Loyola,45.4604,-73.6452,"Outdoor rink in a city park in Montreal.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 200,"73 Gardens",43.6991,-79.4047,"40'x24' (tarp liner)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 201,RoselliRink,40.7151,-73.5027,"16' x 40' backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 202,"MM-Rink 2.0",43.6622,-79.4442,"Home rink for 2nd year, this time with RinkMaster kit","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 203,"Hofmeister Iceplex",42.9375,-78.8206,"Small backyard rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 204,"Flin Flon Gardens",54.7757,-101.854,"outdoor rink with square wooden boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 205,"Canada SOuth",43.1651,-88.7695,"Small (24' x 30') backyard rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 206,"Maple Leaf Gardenz",43.9924,-78.951,20x36,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 207,"Shayne's Rink",49.8521,-119.484,"16' x 36' backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 208,"Liam & Thomas's Stadium",46.8525,-71.2577,"Outdoor natural hockey shaped rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 209,Ojibway,44.6488,-79.3638,"Rinks around my neighbourhood","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 210,Brissette,45.6361,-73.8009,"32' x 52' 24 inch boards with rounded corners.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 211,1043,44.07,-79.435,"Spring fed pond (175x75'). 100 x 50 skating surface.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 212,"Doc's Sox Rink",43.1402,-70.8922,"26' x 45'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 213,"Queens Park Rink",43.3202,-80.8353,"Flooded ice surface inside covered pavilion. Cement walls and chain link fence + turkey curtains.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 214,"Constitution Park Rink",43.3856,-80.7198,"in New Hamburg, Ontario","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 215,"Crowley Gardens",43.4694,-80.5573,small,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 216,Timmy,42.9029,-78.9226,10X15,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 217,"Zeph & Clea's rink & ice slide",45.3669,-75.7988,"Rink & ice slide that is much enjoyed each weekday after the school bus drops off ~15 kids (4-9 yo) across the street. It's about my 11th winter rink, at 3 Ottawa locations, since 1981. Featured in this CBC Rinkwatch story:","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 218,"P family rink",45.5357,-73.6851,"20 X 50 feet, backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 219,"Fisk rink",42.2917,-82.9975,"64 X 23 feet, plastic liner, wood boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 220,"Pal's rink",48.4619,-89.2425,"The best rink in the world... according to my 6 year old son.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 221,"McKellar Park ODR",45.3819,-75.7646,"neighbourhood rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 222,"Patinoire Marcoux",45.8796,-72.4658,"Private rink, 30x50, blank wrap under the ice with Fire place on side for take à warm brake","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 223,Morris,43.3835,-80.9678,"20'x30' Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 224,"Bridgestone North",41.8837,-87.7992,"32'x16'. 6 mil visqueen liner, plywood/stud construction","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 225,"Ayr Gillespies",43.2884,-80.4522,"36x58 white tarp style","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 226,"Ptown Pond",42.8702,-82.1404,"20' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 227,"Bauman Rink",43.5986,-80.5613,"30 x 40 with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 228,"Roth Rink of Dreams",45.366,-75.3038,"40x100 backyard rink with a 100 foot skateway from house to rink and a firepit with bar-b-q","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 229,"Motley Arena",50.9434,-114.12,"20 feet wide by 65 feet long, 6mm poly liner, wood boards, hockey net to catch errant pucks on south end","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 230,"Parc Georges-Saint-Pierre",45.4689,-73.6093,"City outdoor rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 231,Blanshard5263,43.3054,-81.2252,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 232,Hawkestone,44.499,-79.4674,"Outdoor community","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 233,"First Rink",43.3895,-80.7125,"16x20 rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 234,ian,43.6258,-80.5533,"on the pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 235,"The Back 40",43.695,-79.3491,"30' x 30' snow base rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 236,"Raymer Pond",43.2584,-80.736,"Pond - 175 x 75","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 237,"Gomez Backyard Rink",45.4969,-73.8262,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 238," ",45.5253,-73.5989,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 239,"JCB ICE",43.895,-79.0191,"25'X40' .","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 240,"East Cottages",45.407,-73.9341," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 241,"Jonathan Parkinson's Rink",43.5976,-80.3421,"30' by 56'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 242,"The Pond",44.089,-79.5676,Man-made,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 243,"The Houle Centre",43.654,-79.5211,"24' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 244,Doner,43.8759,-79.7497," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 245,"TSN Rink",43.8734,-79.4596,"25' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 246,"57 shellamwood",43.8018,-79.2816,"home backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 247,"Gordon Family Rink",44.2507,-77.4363,"Small front yard rink. Nothing fancy, but lots of fun!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 248,"Epp Gardens",43.5235,-80.6601,"Family starter rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 249,"Malakai's Rink",43.8229,-79.1402,"8' x 12' for a three year old","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 250,"Stanley Gardens",48.9754,-54.6228,30x48,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 251,Maddily,43.6918,-79.3088,"20X25 liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 252,"Churchill Park",43.2644,-79.9047," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 253,"Our Slice of Ice",43.6547,-79.5197,20'x24',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 254,"Tucci Pond",41.8152,-80.3016,70X150,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 255,"Centre Erin",43.7665,-80.0526,"20' x 60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 256,"Riddell Rink",44.5521,-80.4651,"Plastic Liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 257,"Skate Maynooth!",45.2222,-77.8968,"Outdoor Rural Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 258,"Tracie's Rink",43.7415,-79.3477,"18x30 feet with white poly liner and surrounding boards.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 259,"Rankin's Rink",43.6229,-80.1453,24x55,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 260,"Try Not to Fall",40.4401,-79.7468,"Starter rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 261,"The pit",44.1206,-77.3572,"Dug a hole in back yard which fills with water each year","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 262,"Katimavik Elementary School Community Rink",45.3106,-75.8901,"Rink and ice pad that is used by the school and Katimavik community. Maintained by community members. Rink is lit until 11PM.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 263,"Albert Arena",43.9698,-79.2509,"26 x 42","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 264,"Cedar Park",46.5251,-80.9596,"Used to be biggest rink in Sudbury","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 265,"Dunrobin Outdoor Curling",45.4325,-75.9878,"single sheet curling rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 266,"Greenbrier School",43.178,-80.2732,"Public Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 267,"Vording Backyard",43.2127,-80.6974,"100 x120","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 268,"The Montreal Pond Hockey Festival",45.4328,-73.6883,"8 surfaces on the Lachine Basin. Natural Pond hockey","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 269,"Cedar Creek Ridge",44.5099,-79.618,"Natural Ice","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 270,"The gardens",45.8899,-79.4105,"Half boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 271,"Zimmer Centre",42.9636,-82.3562,"small, square, backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 272,"Vars - Winter Classic",45.3598,-75.3506,"40X65 Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 273,"rowan family rink",50.9483,-114.132,"26x52 with24"" boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 274,"Jr Attack Rink",44.6479,-80.9315,"40'x50' with liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 275,"Varsity Park",51.0915,-114.15,"85""X185"" - concrete pad - full boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 276,"John Street Gardens",43.5523,-81.3939," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 278,"The Johnston Rink",44.1465,-81.0374,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 279,"Reis Rink",43.3333,-80.3245," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 280,"Ministikwan / Johnson's",54.0284,-109.596,Natural,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 281,"Cleaves center",43.076,-80.3178,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 282,"Sheet of Dreams",43.0304,-82.2353,"35' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 283,"Baxter Leaf Gardens",43.7176,-80.3638,"11x14 m","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 284,"MacDonald Park NDG",45.4842,-73.6364,"Small outdoor rink in local park","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 285,"Chapman Rink",45.2808,-75.7682,"24x32 Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 286,"Kraulis Rink",43.4881,-79.6447,"18' x 43.3'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 287,"Weston Park",45.3957,-75.6246,Good,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 288,"The Rink Rats Rink",42.8788,-80.3304,"32'x56'- Plastic Tarp, 24"" boards with rounded corners. 1700Sq Ft of heaven!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 289,Hogan,43.3805,-79.8212,"50' by 15' outdoor rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 290,"JWC Gardens",43.4979,-80.556,"12x20 Snipe Pad for the little ones!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 291,"The Brubig Arena",43.4589,-80.526,"20x40' plastic lined","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 292,"backyard fun",43.006,-81.2422,"20 by 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 293,"MacMillan Rink",43.7176,-80.4492,"50' x 20'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 295,"Westmount P.S.",43.449,-80.5216,"schoolyard rink, 120' by 60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 296,ottawasouth,45.2833,-75.7528,"26 x 20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 297,"vsll rink",45.424,-74.0352,"decent rink, wood boards.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 298,Coltsfoot,42.75,-81.7271,60x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 299,"Youngs Pond Park",45.2994,-75.8979,"A natural Pond in Ottawa","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 300,Municipal,46.6733,-73.9139,"200x85 ext with roof","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 301,"Family Rink",45.6074,-73.5887,"20' x 14'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 302,Lorraine,45.6738,-73.7897,"Hockey Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 303,"Kids Rink",43.5641,-79.6555,"93' x 30'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 304,"Benoit Family Rink",43.2442,-79.8405,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 305,"Johnston backyard rink",43.8699,-78.9296,"20' x 40' Nicerink kit","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 306,"Le Colisée",46.9039,-71.1951,"Petite patinoire de 12*24 pieds","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 307,"Catherine's rink",43.861,-79.2311,"43 ' x 30 ' wooden frame, plastic liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 308,"James West",43.3906,-80.5434,"38'x98' with boards and lights","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 309,100charlee,42.9043,-81.44," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 310,Blackfriars,42.9917,-81.2609,"50 X 100 Backyard 6mil white poly lined. - Search YouTube - Troys Backyard Icerink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 311,"Schreiber Public School",48.8099,-87.265,"25 m diameter circular rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 312,WrightPlace,44.0237,-78.7756,35x60,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 313,"LeBlanc Family",44.9418,-65.0652,"16 x 20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 314,"Groves Rink",43.3585,-80.0439,30'x50',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 315,"Taylor Made",46.1592,-67.5965,"32' x 24'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 316,"Ciro Sportsplex",43.4734,-80.5156,"Donahue Special","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 317,"Downey Residence",45.4125,-75.7892,"Skating Oval/Ring at our personal residence for our 3 kids and a few kids in the street","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 318,Boulay's,50.4329,-104.581,"35 feet X 50 feet for beginner skaters and pee-wee shooting range","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 319,"Malhinha's Pond",43.3976,-79.9678,"Backyeard 30' x60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 320,Richardson-Topilnyckyj,45.834,-66.508,"60x24ft. Pressure treated 2x10 with a white tarp to hold the water. One end has high boards. Skateable since 27 Dec 12","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 321,"The MaxFinn Rink",50.8961,-114.075,"Backyard, 18ftx40ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 322,PVNE,45.3713,-75.6688,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 323,"Ham House",46.0578,-64.8214,"Backyard rectangular 32 by 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 324,"Graham's Grand",45.147,-76.1647,"30' x 70' Backyard, no tarp, high end boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 325,"Domaine Maizeret",46.8362,-71.2149,"Domaine Maizeret : Outside ice rink in Limoilou (Quebec city)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 326,"Dave's Rink",44.2076,-76.6801,"30 x 60 foot rink, lined with plastic tarp, perimeter boards, shoot fence","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 327,"Balmoral Looper",45.12,-76.1326,"28 x 40 with liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 328,"SGCC ODR",45.0287,-75.6177,"Southgate Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 329,"Arnott Cottage",45.2705,-76.5558,"White Lake Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 330,"chalk river sf rink",46.0178,-77.4502," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 331,Shawglen,45.2555,-75.7238,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 332,Fallon,43.473,-79.6451,"Front Yard Rink 40 x 50 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 333,"Parc Sutterlin",45.3535,-73.7241,"2 patinoire avec bande et un anneau","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 334,"New Lenox War Memorial Stadium",41.5415,-87.9988,"40 x 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 335,Wotherspoon,43.3757,-80.9875,"18 x 43","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 336,"Willowridge Community Assoc.",50.96,-114.043,"Full Hockey rink with boards and leisure rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 337,"Soundview Arena",40.9597,-73.1003,"Small and built on a hill.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 338,"The Shark Tank",44.6896,-63.5306,"12 x 32","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 339,"Chris West Memorial Rink",44.6768,-63.6563,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 340,"Sandarac Hockey Rink",51.1397,-114.105,"Sandstone MacEwan Community Association","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 341,"Storm Water Pond",43.4059,-80.6688,"Public, just off Livingston and Snyders","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 342,"emma lake rink",53.5835,-105.897,"not exactly a backyard rink, but it's where we skate & play hockey.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 343,"Ross Rink",45.3074,-75.9681,"Backyard 35' x 95', with liner, maintained by Dad. Great ice so far in 2012/13, but the snow keeps covering it! Skated once in November 2012, best day so far was Dec 15, 2012 (see picture!).","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 344,WillRink,45.2684,-75.9456,BackyardRink,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 345,"Fairfield park",45.4412,-75.6061," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 346,backyard,50.7973,-120.313," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 347,"Rink on the farm",44.5131,-80.7249,"50 by 20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 348,"Mellon Backyard Rink",45.0066,-75.6492,"Rectangle rink, 25' x 70'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 349,"Reeves Rink",44.0034,-80.6832,"40x60 foot sided rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 350,"Ng rink",45.4997,-75.8063,"40 x 60 backyard rink for the 4 kids, friends and family","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 351,"Bruce Pen",44.7952,-81.2584,15x30,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 352,mossyoaks,44.5454,-64.721,30x40ft,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 353,DillRink,43.4438,-80.4988,"5.5 x 3.6 metres","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 354,Creekside,43.4013,-80.659,"32x90, no tarp, water from sump pump in Creek that runs the entire length.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 355,"Smith Settlement",43.1909,-81.3993,"Small front yard rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 356,"kwindt rink",45.2386,-75.9015,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 357,Lemieux-Fortin,45.42,-73.2415,"Rink in our backyard 18x50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 358,gorphy,47.6858,-68.8879,"16 by 25 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 359,"Soulliere Gardens",42.145,-83.0857,"32 x 56 - NiceRink Brackets","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 360,"Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Rink",50.4436,-104.588," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 361,"Patinoire St-Pie X",46.3612,-72.5703,"Patinoire et rond de glace","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 362,"Bauer Arena",46.0578,-64.7866,"50 X 24 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 363,"Jesse's Rink",46.3941,-72.5437,"10' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 364,"Dunham rink",45.1309,-72.799,"60 / 185 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 365,"porters lake",44.7321,-63.3048,lake,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 366,"Jim's Dream",42.8734,-79.9021,"Backyard Pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 367,"Donnybrook Gardens",43.4785,-80.4717,"28 feet x 30 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 368,CREW,45.4042,-76.0664,"120' X 65' backyard rink. No liner and no boards yet. Maintained with an assortment of tools including tractor mounted snowblower and ice resurfacer, walk behind sweeper, and a whole lot of dad's time.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 369,"Mini-mini Forum",43.6595,-79.4845," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 370,"Bridgewater Outdoor Rink",44.3711,-64.517,"Volunteer run, outdoor rinks in Bridgewater, NS","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 371,CemeteryRdArenas,50.0496,-119.432,"10m x 30m Frontyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 372,"Machell Park",44.0059,-79.4713,"Large with light","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 373,McCluskey_Five,46.0942,-64.7957,"Small backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 374,"Dakin Drive Neighbourhood Rink",44.6819,-63.6618,"48X100 Neighbourhood rink, volunteer based, Half time hockey, half time skating","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 375,"Fred Good",47.6539,-65.6021,"duck pond 100 ft long 35ft wide","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 376,SavvyRink,45.5226,-65.7991,"20' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 377,"Carter's rink",43.7093,-80.3742,"20 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 378,Cameronsturgeon,44.5269,-78.5848,25x50,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 379,"City of Brandon Skating Oval",49.857,-99.9674,"Public rink and trails","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 380,"half diamond h pond",52.1558,-122.062,"pond rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 381,Dubedome,51.031,-114.204,"35 x 50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 382,Mayfield,53.5547,-113.598,"Hockey rink with boards & fence above boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 383,Myrtle,41.8668,-71.1914,"Rectangular, Water Based","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 384,"Sibbald Rink",45.9872,-66.6486,"46' x 20' with 6""boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 385,"A rink in Montreal Quebec, in the suburb of Beaconsfield (drummond)",45.4307,-73.857,"it runs est to west","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 386,"Bill's Pond",42.8693,-79.9057,"Farm Pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 387,"Domaine de Maizerets",46.8353,-71.2146,"Rink over grass","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 388,"The Gardens at Annies Bluff",45.63,-62.0071,40'x25',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 389,"Stolys rink",43.8738,-79.4452,"45 x 65 Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 390,"Radford Slush",43.6542,-79.4544,"24 x 30 feet, Tarped, 2x10 boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 391,"the pond",41.9701,-71.3552,"37 by 65","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 392,"Kingham Road",43.6229,-80.0419,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 393,"Hayley's Rink",51.1045,-114.192," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 394,Amelia,44.3948,-79.6779,"75' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 395,"the T",45.5072,-73.5039,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 396,"Wayner's rink",43.4233,-80.2989,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 397,"Under the lights",45.4559,-75.9643,"20X40 with loop","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 398,"The Canadien Forum",43.4972,-80.5068,"50 foot by 30 foot","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 399,Davis,39.6999,-84.1768,"30x50 Liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 400,"VDub drive rink",43.3895,-80.342," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 401,S.E,43.444,-80.3152,"35x 45","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 402,"Allen's box",44.9029,-76.257,"30 x 35","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 403,"backyard rink",43.839,-80.8447,"24' x 34' wood boards, white rink liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 404,"Bailey's Bay Lake Rink",45.0197,-77.8535,"Hockey rink and skating path in Bancroft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 405,"Mountview Elementary",52.1006,-122.123,"150' x 80'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 406,"Garvey Gardens",41.395,-73.4544," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 407,DTL,45.481,-76.0293,"70' x 35'. No tarp, no boards. Just a whole lot of time. The way it should be.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 408,"Bannisdale Barn",43.4017,-79.978,45'x80',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 409,"Corscadden Rink",43.0008,-81.246,"22' x 38', 1' board with tarp","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 410,NiceRink,45.1367,-76.1397,"65' x 35'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 411,"Boutch center",45.7042,-73.6143,"20'X40' from 4 Readyrink bags. Started on 23 Dec, start skating on 26 Dec.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 412,"Double 'G' Rink",48.8101,-87.2671,"Fig's Ski-Doo Arena","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 413,guelphrink,43.5701,-80.2486,36ftx72ft,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 414,"Culp's Pond",43.1222,-89.4799,"Culp's Pond, 20x40 NiceRink, lined 4"" to 16"" deep, est 2009","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 415,"Adams Rink",44.1576,-77.4149," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 416,"Madhouse on Sford",41.7392,-87.89," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 417,"T-Burg Entertainment Center",42.5189,-76.628,"40' x 80' rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 418,"Backyard Rink",42.7562,-71.089,40x20,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 419,"Family Rink",43.2224,-70.9243,18x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 420,"Koerbel Neighbors Backyard Rink",40.4744,-80.1234,"48 x 30 Wood framed rink. We need Cold weather","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 421,"rink 744",43.4145,-88.1629,"32 x 40 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 422,"Carrie's Obsession",46.5355,-87.4025,"Backyard - lined - 16' X 32'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 423,"The Rolly's",43.4256,-86.3639,"30 x 80 18"" at its deepest and 4"" in at its shallowest","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 424,"L.L. Gardens",44.2928,-78.3674,"78 x 36","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 425,"Polar Ice Paradise",43.1117,-92.3384,"44' X 84' on grass with liner, 4X8 plywood boards with rounded corners","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 426,BuchananRink,45.5279,-65.8197," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 427,"Stowell Rink",43.6775,-72.0403,"'45 x '65","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 428,"Silverman Family",42.3799,-70.9873,"20 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 429,"Petrick Kids Rink",40.9824,-76.5728,"80 X 40 ft Oval N'Ice Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 430,"Put clan",41.8473,-70.7394,"Water based rectangle","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 431,"Donovan Forum",42.9048,-71.2626,"32x48 2x4 framed plywood","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 432,"Lammers rink",43.0147,-81.142,"40'x100' all reused wood 1'sideboards, 8'end boards w/ lights","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 433,"NVC Twin Rinks",41.5068,-72.8455," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 434,"Kilmark's Acorn Alley",42.1752,-83.4545,43'x93',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 435,"Pointe du Chene Rink",46.2339,-64.516,"Community Rink 100X50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 436,"Allain family rink",46.0796,-64.7173,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 437,"Kiddie Rink",43.0041,-81.2545,18x24,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 438,"The Igloo",52.0939,-106.653,"My backyard rink is 24x50ft, and has been in full operation since november 28th, 2013. There is a centre ice red line with a centre ice dot and coin imbedded into the ice. Also a large Canada flag, and score board are present.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 439,"Cim's Rink",42.1736,-87.9676,"24 x 56","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 440,"Corcoran Rink",45.8303,-66.5947,"30x40 - Has a NiceRink tarp underneath.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 441,"Colesons Rink",42.9837,-81.3218," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 442,"Erin's rink",43.4773,-80.5055,22X36,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 443,"Achs park skating rink",52.1023,-106.668,"Achs park skating rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 444,"T-Bear Family",42.7684,-81.1546,18x20,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 445,"Mighty Rink",43.4291,-79.763,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 446,Knisley's,41.9348,-72.5684,"Nice Rink 40x60ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 447,"Lukes Pond",43.1876,-89.1818,"Retention Pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 448,"Smith's Rink",49.8585,-119.56,43'x23',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 449,"Kelly Rink",42.906,-81.294,"26 ft. by 44 ft.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 450,"Royal City Park",43.5369,-80.2443,"Two natural rinks, volunteer maintained","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 451,Stmarcink,42.7496,-81.1965,"40x80 liner rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 452,"Backyard fun",52.8662,-104.592,"30x50, lit for night skating, fire pit and hockey nets","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 453,"Bush Arena",51.6757,-105.459,"40 x70 4ft high boards, rounded corners, with chain link upper cage, and 6 halogen lights for all night action","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 454,"Tim & Brooke's Rink",45.4373,-65.9802,"backyard rink 24 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 455,"GRAEME'S RINK",45.8939,-64.3822,BACKYARD,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 456,scottmrink,43.0234,-81.271,"backyard rink (20x30)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 457,"RJ's Backyard Rink",42.9126,-71.4813,"40x56, 2x12 boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 458,"Carson's Rink",43.1028,-81.1365,"36x24 2x6 frame, tarped","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 459,"Compton Park Kingston",44.2346,-76.5107,"Run by a group of Hosers","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 460,"Wilson & Wilson Ice Rink",42.1031,-87.7442,"60 x 30","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 461,"Bayview Rd Back Yard Fun",43.1362,-70.92,"70' x 50'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 462,"14th avenue omni",44.9103,-93.2554,"small, urban slab","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 463,Flint,43.7971,-79.9348,"Back yard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 464,"Giffin family rink",42.9816,-81.3321,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 465,"Steve and Max",43.4765,-80.7594,Backyard.,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 466,"Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink @ PotashCorp Plaza",52.127,-106.658,"Each winter the rink operates approximately 90-100 days depending on the weather, hosting skaters from all over the world. Admission is free, although donations are accepted. There is a wide range of skates to borrow. The rink is 63 metres by 25 metres.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 467,Tewkesbury,47.0482,-71.4283,"patin et hockey","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 468,"Ethan's Paradise",41.7148,-87.7105,"20' x 40' backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 469,"Greystone Community",52.1196,-106.615,Outdoor,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 470,"Razz's Rink",43.3161,-73.6607,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 471,"Lyler Centre",43.498,-80.201," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 472,FWA,49.8198,-97.2257,"Lake (500mX300M) skating rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 473,"Boisvert Arena",42.8354,-88.7962,"50' x 100' complete with standard size hockey boards. The rink has a liner underneath, with 4-6 inches of ice.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 474,"Speed skate",44.2678,-76.4044,"30 by 70 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 475,"Thunder Dome",43.52,-80.2733,Backdoor,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 476,"F.A.N. Centre",52.0794,-106.634,"Based closely on ACC design only in a much more intimate setting without a roof, no heat, limited seating (one small bench and two chairs to use to learn to skate), one net and a hand held zamboni.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 477,"Comfort Coleseum",50.4391,-104.354," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 478,"village centre",43.6742,-79.7398,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 479,"Riverside Park East",43.5618,-80.2671,"rink is just across the road from #55 Riverview Drive in Riveside Park east p","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 480,"Victoria Park",43.4477,-80.4952,"2 large ice pads","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 481,"Jake's Rink",43.9273,-79.5221,"25 x 40 - rounded corners -- 2ft boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 482,Wesmar,45.3802,-75.6583,"backyard 40' x 20'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 483,"Current River",48.4672,-89.1905,"2 boarded, 1 pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 484,"Follis Rink",45.3535,-75.3519," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 485,"Mason & Syd's BackYard Rink",42.9934,-81.2261,"30' x 30' - Great Little Rink. 1st Year, Ever!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 486,YakThor,43.2072,-80.0004,"18x37 with sunscreen","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 487,Thompson,42.3408,-81.9907,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 488,Bugden,43.8554,-79.0458,"30'x50' backyard rink, first year!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 489,"joshs rink",43.3092,-88.7036,"frozen solid ready to skat","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 490,"Berry Glen Park Community Rink",45.2668,-75.713," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 491,"Pomodoro Gardens",43.9014,-79.664,"45 x 25","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 492,"Hilton Beach All Season Recreational Surface",46.2576,-83.889," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 493,"Beatty Park",43.699,-80.3826,"Beatty Park - Public 28 x 45 Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 494,156rink,43.2159,-79.9948,"20 x 40 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 495,Davidson,43.51,-80.2462,"White tarp and boards. 30 X 40. Ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 496,"Backyard Fun",45.4807,-75.6285,"30' x 40' rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 497,"Korpan Rink",42.4615,-82.1804,"40 x 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 498,"Blue Beech Park",43.4675,-80.5924,"Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 499,bbr,43.2122,-79.2209,22x65,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 500,"Fairview Street Ice Dreams",43.3723,-80.7098,"Nith River rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 501,NPinnaclePointRd,44.8153,-76.9918,"Backyard wetland rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 502,"Warrington Park Rink",43.4473,-80.5445,"Neighbourhood Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 503,"Rick's Rink",43.5178,-80.1835,"46 ft x 20ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 504,"Family fun",43.3995,-80.3711,"30 feet by 15 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 505,"The Canal",43.4504,-80.5666,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 506,"Backyard Skating",43.4721,-79.7168,"32 x 16","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 507,"River Ridge Rink",43.5008,-80.4766,"City of Kitchener Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 508,"APPn Ptbo",44.3025,-78.3364,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 509,Chestervino,45.1049,-75.2315,30'x50',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 510,"Richelieu Vanier",45.4443,-75.6593,"Rink with Nets, Boards & Lights, with smaller pond for kids","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 511,"C&R Rink",45.2758,-75.7345,"20' X30' rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 512,"NHL Dreams",43.6588,-79.533,"32 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 513,"The Parkway Pond",43.4937,-79.6925,"Flood control pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 514,"Dale's Rink",46.0704,-64.7764,"35' x 24' rectangle","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 515,Menominee,45.1989,-79.1247,"Back yard, 40x25, no tarp, puck fence","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 516,"Gudz Gardens",49.8278,-99.983,16x32,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 517,Ale,43.7439,-79.4268,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 518,"Zinger's ice palace",43.2893,-79.8696,"23.8FTx50FT with a 30x60 white tarp.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 519,Shawnessy,50.9073,-114.087,Community,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 520,SmithSnowRink,51.1571,-100.05,24x36,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 521,"ChrisL's Rink",43.6655,-79.5217,"15 feet x 30 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 522,"O'Gorman Pond",42.3159,-83.0052,"20'x40' Rink with steel door boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 523,Wellington,43.3412,-79.8971,"28x56x6""","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 524,"Middleton Family Rink",43.4494,-80.5231,"35'x20' backyard rink (tarped)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 525,"Strathcona Pond",43.3519,-79.7613,"20 X 35","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 526,keps,43.4541,-80.507,"playground rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 527,"The Backyard Rink",43.5016,-80.5128,"70' x 30' tarp lined","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 528,"Milford Ice Palace",41.4136,-85.8368,30'X70',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 529,Laing,49.661,-98.3432," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 530,"Rattlesnake Rink",43.1588,-80.2817,"24' X 48' with Liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 531,llwd,44.1476,-79.0144,36'x48',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 532,"Kitchener Monteyne",43.4934,-80.4799,"Backyard (40'x75')","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 533,"Donkey & District Central Ice Rink",43.3869,-80.7214,"35 x 86","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 534,"Forever Flooding",43.2012,-80.414," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 535,LCA!,43.5327,-79.6332,"60 x 32","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 536,"Redtail Rink",43.4969,-80.4801,"36'x80' Community Rink on flat yet rough drainage swale","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 537,"The Kent Street Arena",43.8799,-78.9455,"The ""Kent Street Arena"" is a backyard 35'x55' rink. It has a 14"" drop end to end which makes the shallow end a challenge when we have a thaw - the leaky white tarp doesn't help. It is open to sun throughout the day.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 538,"mcgeown megasportsplex",43.4668,-80.5821,40X25,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 539,"Rudner Rink",43.811,-79.4689,"Backyard rink 20 x 40 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 540,"The Ice Farmers",44.2261,-76.509,36x32,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 541,BBECC123,44.0661,-79.4406," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 542,"Patts Pad",43.002,-81.3127,Rectangular,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 543,"hockey night in baden",43.4002,-80.6604," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 544,"Red Sky Gardens",47.5395,-52.937,"Small back yard rink built by several neighbours","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 545,"Stone defenseman rink",50.4358,-104.624,"backyard rink with rock fireplace in middle, leads to perfecting crosscuts and tight turns","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 546,"Grantham Arena",49.2728,-117.644,"Outdoor Hockey Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 547,"Massie Farm",51.8242,-107.992,"dugout in the trees down from the house","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 548,"Bird rink",43.6865,-79.2856," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 549,"Gia's Rink",52.5805,-66.5931,"16 feet by 32 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 550,Dunford-Gosse-Antle,47.6101,-52.757,"30x60 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 551,"Duck Pond",47.5181,-53.2188,"Backyard Pond Rink with Island","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 552,"Jack and Lily's Rink",49.5137,-56.03," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 553,"Davalan Place Forum",47.6682,-52.7335,"30 X 50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 554,petersimpson,43.9322,-78.8898,30ft*40ft,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 555,"2nd year",47.5113,-79.6675,"30' X 60' backyard rink. depth of ice varies from 3 to 12 inches of ice.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 556,"Exhibition Park",43.55,-80.2641,"25 X 35 metres slightly sloped","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 557,"Jeanne-Mance Park Outdoor Rink",45.5154,-73.5833,"Outdoor rink used for shinny hockey and/or general use","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 558,TousignantArena,42.2864,-82.7212,"backyard ice n' go rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 559,"Glendale (aka Glebe Memorial Park) Rink",45.4047,-75.6988,"Glendale Rink is Community-run, no boards, heated shack, large ice sheet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 560,"Greenboro Rink",45.3651,-75.6387,"22' x 35' boarded rink , no liner, lighted","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 561,"Ritchie Parkette",43.6538,-79.4492," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 562,"Beagle Rink",46.3734,-72.5705," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 563,"Brooklin Hunts",43.9651,-78.9483,"32 x 24","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 564,"Julia and Jason's Rink",43.8296,-79.3686,"Backyard flood 16 x 30","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 565,"Backyard rink",43.7815,-79.3388,"18' X 24' with a white poly tarp and 10"" boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 566,"Backyard NDG",45.472,-73.6176,"small 30' x 15' ice patch for figures, practice and dog play","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 567,"Brownsville FD",42.8593,-80.8373,200x62,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 568,"The IceField",45.4071,-63.1824,"50' X 80' Lights","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 569,"West End Community Centre",49.8458,-99.9686,"public outdoor rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 570,TRC,45.3292,-75.9229,"45' x 20' side yard rink. Liner with low boards.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 571,MadRyder,43.0133,-82.3798,25*40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 572,"Deerwood marsh",45.3444,-76.1445,"Marsh used as kids skating rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 573,"Les Caouette",46.0879,-64.6897," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 574,firstyear2012,45.4596,-75.5138,"20 X 40Ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 575,"Schrey house",45.5192,-73.5765,"Small backyard surface","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 576,"FarmerZ's Rink",48.544,-89.2088,"40x70 low boards and lights","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 577,GTownRink,43.6586,-79.9234,"Backyard 30x40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 578,BensRink,47.0492,-65.4365,"For my son:)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 579,Burke,45.8279,-77.1882," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 580,Bearbrook,45.4339,-75.5634,"Full NHL sized rink with puddle","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 581,"H&J rink",43.3806,-79.7433," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 582,"Old Perth Rd Arena",45.16,-76.241,"backyard hockey rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 583,"The Currie Pond",43.5993,-79.5732," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 584,"FGCC (Victoria Site)",49.8472,-97.1588,"Outdoor Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 585,"Backyard Beauty",53.4745,-113.519,"16' x 30' Rink that makes an excellent use of my back yard. Along with it came a toboggan luge track this year. So much snow!!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 586,"Heary Rink",43.3985,-79.9761,40x60,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 587,"Casey Arena",46.2771,-63.1646,16x30,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 588,Brantwood,45.4063,-75.6718,"Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 589,Stoney_Island,44.2178,-81.6109,"Backyard rink 61'x35'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 590,"Cooper House",43.4625,-79.7271,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 591,AEC,45.5214,-73.581,"School Yard 48x84","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 592,"The Ice Palace",45.3802,-75.7681,"A Backyard rink that is 30 by 20 feet built with white tarp as the base, boards on 4 sides and flood lights.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 593,"Breslau centre",50.0642,-86.6602,"back yard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 594,robl,43.9595,-78.9762,"Backyard private rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 595,Backyard,43.8538,-78.9553,"24 x 36","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 596,"Wright Coliseum",46.1539,-63.2944,"36' x 60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 597,"Parkin Circle",45.3426,-75.6345,"50' x 21' - lighted with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 598,"freake rink",49.1795,-57.4163,"small backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 599,"Zazu's Girls Rink",46.547,-81.1246,"Outdoor rink 30'x60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 600,"The Kennedy",43.6523,-79.4752,"14 X 36 rink in its 3rd year","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 601,"St . Josepth's, SK.",50.4969,-104.175,"130 x 140","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 602,MJMA,43.4351,-80.4823,36x67,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 603,"Hobbs Arena",41.5285,-73.3643,"37*78 feet, 10K gallons","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 604,TC,51.9074,-105.993,"backyard farm man made","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 605,"Doherty Garden",40.7679,-74.405," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 606,"Eastwood rink",53.3747,-113.118,"45 x 70","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 607,"Gordon Gardens",43.6744,-79.3486,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 608,"Valley Way Gardens",43.0975,-79.0938,35'x52',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 609,"Center street Garden",41.9446,-71.0588,45x20,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 610,"64 Marigold Drive",45.3457,-63.2857,"32 by 40 backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 611,"Balmy Beach",44.6212,-80.9403,"40 x 14","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 612,"Erika's rink",45.2527,-75.5604," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 613,"hawco gardens",47.5301,-52.8109,"12x24 outdoor rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 614,Backyard,44.3163,-79.5494,"In the yard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 615,"Lanoue's Pad",43.4642,-79.6713," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 616,"Baden Gardens",43.405,-80.653," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 617,"159 Spencer Rd",43.4062,-79.7024,"12 x 26","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 618,"Runway Rink",49.6058,-99.6034," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 619,"The Cadman Centre (TCC)",43.6397,-79.5068,"40' x 60' Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 620,"Bushway Rink",42.7779,-78.6801,"Home Made 50 ft x 40 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 621,"Pine Meadow Green",41.8748,-72.9673,"public park, volunteer op","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 622,"Symons Centre",43.1814,-80.2383,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 623,BobsRink,43.2113,-79.8937,"Classic Beauty","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 624,"Puslinch Palace",43.4696,-80.2818,"85' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 625,656,43.5296,-79.8816,"Rink Size 55 LX25W","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 626,TyDome,43.4779,-80.4156,"30 ft by 60 ft 3sides Boarded","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 627,"Miller's Crossing",43.9194,-78.6684,"Small, improvised!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 628,"Barn Yard Skating Rink",43.0919,-79.3109,"The Rink at White Meadows Farms","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 629,"Perreault's Pad",45.2759,-75.777,"40' x 20'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 630,"Trinity Bellwoods Natural Rink",43.6498,-79.4142,"Natural rink in city park","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 631,"edgemont community rink",51.1138,-114.149,"outdoor rink, 3/4 size, asphalt base","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 632,"DesRosiers back yard",42.3156,-82.9002,"Simple 20x12 rink on patio to teach kids to skate","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 633,Dranoel,45.6221,-74.6635," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 634,"for the boys",42.2584,-82.9401,30x50,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 635,"Zen and Slashing",45.3675,-73.7412,"Backyard suburban","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 636,"Bella's Rink",44.6651,-63.5093,10x20,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 637,"Ross Lane Ice Rink",43.4679,-79.7262,"25 feet by 35 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 638,"gavin lake camp",52.4861,-121.711,"35' x 60'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 639,"Koreen Arena",42.9608,-81.2503,"20' x 40' built with 2 by 8s and a sheet of plastic","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 640,"Arena On the Ocean",44.6295,-63.5897,"Terrace Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 641,"Jack & Nate Skate",43.5208,-80.2178,"36' x 20'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 642,"Lakeside Park",43.433,-80.5021,"Neighbourhood Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 643,"Front yard #3",44.3053,-78.3609,20x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 644,kinder-rink,43.4091,-79.7793,"12ft by 30 ft learn to skate","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 645,"Ze patinoire",45.5022,-73.7942," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 646,"Benway Park",46.5352,-80.9278," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 647,"Mithra BackYard Rink",43.8866,-79.5196,"16x32 Mithra BackYard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 648,gracey1,43.1244,-80.2936,"backyard goalie rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 649,"Oosterveld Family",43.3693,-79.9152,"100 x 50 with night lights","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 650,"M&R Gardens",43.9204,-78.6938," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 651,"Maples/Elwick Community Centre Rink",49.93,-97.218,"neighbourhood pleasure skating rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 652,"White Wolf Point",50.1155,-122.985,"Natural ice on Alta Lake","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 653,Codyman,43.4649,-79.9128,22x36,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 654,Delo,43.5902,-79.5787,"24 by 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 655,"Billy Joel",43.8726,-79.2512,"50 ft. X50 ft.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 656,"Team McD",43.9244,-79.7967,30x50,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 657,81T,42.9035,-81.3212,"Small pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 658,"Afternoon entertainment",43.5122,-80.4991,"Small rink, but big enough for the kids to learn how to skate","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 659,"J&L Arena",44.7279,-63.6589,"50 x 30","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 660,"Ryersie Rink",43.0145,-81.2946,"Ryersie Rink, 40x25","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 661,"Knowles Garden",42.978,-70.9586,"home rink 26x40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 662,"Nash's Pond",45.3839,-76.0203,"Beaver Pond Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 663,"3 King",43.5496,-80.2474,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 664,"Woodycrest Skating Emporium",43.532,-80.2642,"20' x 24' with partial false floor","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 665,"Get the Puck Out of the House Rink",43.7458,-79.3999,"34 by 23 foot","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 666,"rink for the kids",43.7082,-79.309,"small 24X32 pad","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 667,"CCC Skaters",43.4826,-80.4487,"Approx 30 x 60 with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 668,"Nida Rink",44.2455,-79.4848,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 669,"Riebel rink",47.0441,-65.5122,"This rink is a large pond in my front yard. It's awesome and has lights. Great shinney games this winter.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 670,"Ten Mile Forum",53.0924,-122.443,86X46,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 671,"Trout Lake",49.2362,-122.971,Lake,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 672,"Spratt Rink",45.2803,-75.686," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 673,"Tulane Gardens",49.8017,-97.1429," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 674,"Ri's rink",44.8943,-76.0215," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 675,"Alder Flats Ag. Society",52.9315,-114.941,"community outdoor rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 676,"Rodney's backyard rink",45.3987,-74.1921,"75 by 35 backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 677,"Backyard Rink",45.2854,-75.691,34x16,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 678,"Potse Rink",44.3244,-79.7297,"25X55 feet of fun","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 679,"edgar center",45.05,-74.7583," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 680,"Ranch pond",43.825,-80.0762,"1 ac 6' deep groundwater pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 681,"Pat and Art",45.399,-75.7956,"32' x 64' with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 682,"Reimer's Rink",45.2842,-75.9176,"Reimer Family Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 683,"Ma-te-way Activity Center",45.4657,-76.694,"NHL size boarded lighted","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 684,Lupster,43.9252,-79.5217,"32 x 25","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 685,"the pad",45.4701,-75.4867,"20x30 Backyard rink with liner and low boards.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 686,"Will's Rink",43.6963,-79.44,"20 X50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 687,"1992 PIGEON LAKE ROAD ON",50.6251,-84.0234,"100FTX 50FT","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 688,"Audrey's Backyard rink",43.6107,-79.5981,25x35,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 689,Beerda,43.9267,-78.6876,small,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 690,430,42.6197,-73.8387," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 691,Hilariorink,43.616,-79.7438,"40 Ft. by 16 ft.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 692,"Augustine Centre",43.3593,-79.8227,30x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 693,"Carriere Rink",45.2768,-75.5718,"30'x50' rink, liner, 6' chain link fence boards, lights, skate shack and music","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 694,dyanetti,43.3258,-79.8043,26x46,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 695,LondonFamily,42.9774,-81.3265,"24' by 47' - 4 inch ice depth over white tarp","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 696,Burr,43.2017,-80.3916,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 697,"East End Community Centre",49.8428,-99.933,"Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 698,"Bedford South",44.7086,-63.6796,"man made pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 699,Backyard,50.4345,-104.544,"10* 20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 700,Skoretz,42.9616,-81.3116,"backyard 28 X 38","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 701,"Gagne Rink",42.9874,-81.1539,40x30,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 702,"Swim Family Rink",45.9678,-66.7798,Hockey,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 703,"Rink of Screams",45.1995,-75.8384,"16 x 32","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 704,LUMPY,44.2779,-76.6073,"VERY LUMPY & LEAKY","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 705,Hattonator,46.3895,-79.904,"about 30ft X 75ft.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 706,backyard,45.089,-75.5859,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 707,"Rowe Rink",47.5964,-52.7432,"Backyard Rink 24x24 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 708,OBrien_Ice,47.649,-53.5008,"A small sheet of Ice in our Backyard.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 709,"Shaffer Rink",42.2576,-85.5975,"20 x 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 710,"The Rioux's rink",47.544,-52.7336," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 711,worz7,43.0074,-82.3753," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 712,"Town, outdoor",46.4717,-67.5803,"60' X 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 713,"The Grand Experiment",44.8975,-93.1401,"Backyard 20 ft X 50 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 714,"Slack's Pad",45.2567,-75.721,"20 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 715,"Rink of Dreams",45.3179,-75.6082,"40 x 24 with full boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 716,"weller st gardens",44.3053,-78.3351,"tarp boards kids","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 717,"Horlick's rink",47.2683,-53.8737," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 718,"SYC Pond",41.0304,-73.5299,"100 x 50 Mother Nature Driven","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 719,"Upstate NY nice rink",43.0638,-75.2825,20x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 720,Mia's,43.7018,-79.3109,"8' x 14'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 721,Backyard1!,43.6729,-79.4962,"Just another backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 722,nerdyeung,43.8676,-79.3188," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 723,Ty's,50.8458,-119.442,20X30,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 724,"By the sea",44.516,-63.7769,"20x40 next to the ocean","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 725,"Limehouse Gardens",43.6406,-79.9797,"65 x 30 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 726,"The Pecks",43.5256,-80.043,"Pecks Pad","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 727,"Onaping Outdoor",46.6242,-81.4181,"Lit outdoor","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 728,"Shea Garden's",49.218,-84.786,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 729,"The Forum",53.5498,-113.292,"20' x 50'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 730,"The Pigeau's",46.3784,-79.9794,"40 x 70","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 731,OakLeafGardens,45.39,-75.6842,60'x22',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 732,"The Rink",44.9617,-63.5439,"40 by 70 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 733,Batten,42.3138,-82.8266,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 734,MacAdam,43.7507,-79.3682,"40x36 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 735,"Hasler Pond",44.6823,-77.1918,Pond,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 736,"Reilly's Rink",48.1671,-53.9632,"16 X 23 feet backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 737,"East Lynn",43.6839,-79.3151,"Neighbourhood rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 738,"McLeanteam Rink",45.2917,-75.7454," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 739,"Jackson Family",45.3681,-73.9857,"20X40 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 740,daveb,41.9292,-71.6237,"backyard 40x20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 741,"Darbys Rink",44.301,-76.4271," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 742,"echo road rock pond",45.1401,-72.5585,"private forest pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 743,"Parc ignace bourget",45.455,-73.6047,"Anneau de 400 mëtres","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 744,"Redwood Meadows",50.9894,-114.505,"Community Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 745,"Du Domaine",46.8146,-71.2821,"Ecole Du Domaine","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 746,"East Lynn Park",43.6837,-79.3155,"natural ice","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 747,"Dexter Dome",43.9881,-76.0987,"60 x 38","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 748,Lacroix,45.6288,-75.6347,"Sur le lac","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 749,Bergeron,46.0528,-73.0711,"Patinoire familiale 38 x 70","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 750,Bernson,45.6394,-74.0611,"Extérieur 50X80","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 751,"Patinoire Cap-aux-Os",48.8365,-64.3424,"patinoire extérieure","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 752,"Morningside Rink",43.7809,-79.1971,"At the second parking lot, over the bridge","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 753,"Patinoire St-Jean",45.4065,-75.8715,"12 x 24 avec bande de 3 pieds","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 754,"Kennedy Pond",42.4468,-71.4108,"14 acre pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 755,"Westmount Park",53.5565,-113.542," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 756,FRECKER'S,47.4345,-53.2252,"30 X 60 FT with tarp liner. rounded boards on one end.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 757,"Wormtown Garden",42.2675,-71.833," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 758,"The Shire",44.436,-81.4018,"Backyard 64x24","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 759,"Caspar's Arena",45.5439,-73.607,"Outdoor 20' x 15'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 760,"Bruce Backyard Rink",43.5297,-79.6978,"19x36 rink off the back deck","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 761,POOLSIDE,45.3921,-75.6707,"20x40 INGROUND POOL CONVERTED TO ICE RINK","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 762,"Villa Mon Désir",45.5573,-73.6567,"derrière la maison","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 763,Rimouski,48.445,-68.5348," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 764,"The Goalie Patch",43.6414,-79.4411,"small backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 765,"Parc Clair de Lune",45.5355,-73.9248,"Extérieur sur terrain de basketball","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 766,"La famille Chabot",45.4962,-73.4524,"Privé 20'x30'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 767,"Parc Gilles DAIGNEAULT",45.2489,-72.8462,"patinoire de BRIGHAM","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 768,"Annie Williams Park",45.024,-79.3349,"120' x 50'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 769,"Luke and Lily's Pad",43.9257,-78.9394," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 770,"Silverbirch neighbourhood rink",43.173,-79.4801,"Silverbirch Neighbourhood Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 771,"Parc des Ormes",45.4592,-75.7624,"Municipal park hockey rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 772,MiniRink,40.641,-80.0586,24'X16',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 773," ",42.1591,-87.8153,"20 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 774,"lenaers' rink",42.9255,-80.6099," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 775,"JT's Backyard Rink",49.5111,-119.564,"20 by 40 Backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 776,"Todd's Rink",42.1527,-71.4839,"24x36 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 777,"eberg banen",63.4167,10.4343," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 778,"Breslau's Rink",42.1954,-71.4841,"35' x 55'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 779,"FFLD Anderson",41.197,-73.2214,20x28,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 780,"Trout Pond",43.656,-70.1818,"Largest of the ponds, with beaver dams along the inlet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 781,"A2 rink",42.2608,-83.7299,"20x40 rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 782,SkateHinton,42.5953,-96.4043,"60x30 liner on dirt, inside pole shed","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 783,"Smith-Born House",43.2613,-79.9459,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 784,"The Rink",43.2619,-79.9375,63x30,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 785,"Concord Rink",42.4567,-71.3471,30'X40',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 786,"Matt's rink",48.4428,-89.2565,"Small outdoor rink, 45x25 feet, 4 foot boards on both ends with orange fencing above. Short boards along the sides. 500W light on one end and christmas lights along one side of the rink, thrown over a clothes line","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 787,"wilcox,s",44.0604,-64.755,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 788,"Chicken Pond",43.2194,-80.3157,"60 x 40 full tarp stapled to wooden boards 2 x 10 Spruce - best rink for neighbours from Africa, dogs and chickens!!! No wild animals allowed.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 789,"grandview Park",43.8041,-79.4116,"140' x100'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 790," ",43.464,-80.5846,pond,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 791,"Lake view heights",45.0339,-74.8575,"Community rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 792,"Coffell Gardens",44.4468,-81.3769,"34' x 80'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 793,"Fairmount Pk",43.6757,-79.3155,"IceMaster natural community hockey rink 50 x 120 and pleasure skatink rink 30x120","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 794,Andrew,43.54,-80.2576," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 795,Watsonclansaneskas,43.0371,-81.2653,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 796,McKellar,45.3836,-75.7654,"beautiful locally maintained outdoor public rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 797,"Happy Valley",43.6827,-79.2878,"Very small but fun","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 798,========,45.3982,-75.6724,"river rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 799,"MacCormack Family",46.2212,-63.2222,"24ft x 31ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 800,"duke of earl arena",43.3651,-80.9802,"40 by 30","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 801,"Fitzgerald Forum and Gardens",43.4024,-79.7054,"36 ft by 50 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 802,"Hubbles Lake",53.5573,-114.097,"Backyard 60 by 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 804,"Gilles's rink",46.2201,-64.5316,"Backyard 32 X 64","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 805,"Dave's Rink",43.6999,-79.3041,cool,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 806,"Isle Maligne",48.5826,-71.6309,"De quartier.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 807,"Dion Gardens",44.655,-79.9228,"40 x 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 808,"Richter backyard",45.3844,-75.7648,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 809,"Sunnyacres Park",43.5394,-80.2586,"L shaped with a loop","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 810,"DP skaters",42.3114,-71.1159,"30x15ft, liner rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 811,"Bannister Iceplex",43.9001,-79.677,"40' x 60' wood board and liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 812,Rink1117,43.5448,-79.6273," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 813,Moore-Campbell,60.7783,-135.138,"16 X 32 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 814,"Grace St Garden",42.4394,-83.4816,"backyard 40 ft by 40 ft slice of heaven","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 815,"Rees Rink Rats",43.4061,-79.6988,"24' x 40' with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 816,Irvine,43.9953,-79.4618," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 817,"Russett all stars",43.6605,-79.4372,"Plastic lined 16 x 25 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 818,"Scouts rink",43.3438,-79.8074,"40 by 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 819,"Rosedale Community Association",51.0618,-114.081,"Rosedale community rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 820,"Flashtown Ice",44.2602,-80.5524,"Rectangular! with liner.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 821,"Lido beach ice rink",40.5881,-73.6335,"26x50 linear over 2x10 box frame","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 822,steph,43.718,-79.362,"28 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 823,"South 58th Street",41.2554,-96.003," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 824,"Macassa Bay",43.2699,-79.8696,"On Hamilton Harbour","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 825,Scaz-a-rinko-mania,45.4861,-75.4922,"130foot double backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 826,"parc rivierre du moulin",48.3949,-71.0482,"patinoire de cartier","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 827,"Orchard Park",43.6688,-79.3144,"Small rink in neighbourhood park","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 828,BackYard,49.7401,-96.8844,16x32,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 829,Erlanger,49.8704,-97.1666,29x42,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 830,"Point N South",49.8447,-97.1369,"front yard rink 54'x40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 831,"Vermont Park",43.4744,-80.5062,"Sheltered Rink 90' x 50' approx","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 832,"Weseen gardens",54.7758,-101.854,"25x40 rink in Flin Flon, equiped with lighting and high end boards and fencing to stop stray pucks from smashing windows lol","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 833,"Pete's Place",49.9352,-97.0973,"24 x 44","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 834,"White City Gardens",50.4414,-104.348,"80' x 40' with end boards and chain link above...","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 835,Braun,49.4559,-96.7749,"60' x 120' out door rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 836,"the chief",49.6652,-96.8906,"80 X 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 837,"Fun Spot",49.9784,-97.0498,30x55,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 838,"Evan and Kyles Rink",49.8134,-97.2192,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 839,"Broadway Rink",49.9708,-98.2823,"Outdoor rink in the east end of Portage la Prairie","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 840,"McFarlane Lake rink",46.4357,-80.9412,"Community rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 841,"Core Ritchie Neighbourhood Rink",50.4436,-104.588," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 842,RJ,50.0745,-96.7066,44*26,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 843,"Mulligan's Forum",48.5187,-81.4223,"30 x 50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 844,Raichura,49.8877,-97.1776,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 845,"dobson school house",43.0803,-80.4205,"40x40 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 846,Coliseum,50.2615,-99.831,square,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 847,"Cooksville Palace",43.5919,-79.5865," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 848,"Callaghan Gardens",43.4956,-79.6876,"24 ft by 32 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 849,"Acorn Gardens",45.3904,-75.6837,"Frontyard, 17 feet by 35 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 850,"Chippawa Park",42.9964,-79.2592,"Frozen Pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 851,arc,53.2898,-60.3712,35x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 852,"The Rink",45.3941,-75.7189,28'x40',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 853,333,41.8926,-87.7988,Outdoor,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 854,"front yard",42.0284,-87.6821,"about 18' X 30'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 855,"rips rink",45.3901,-75.661,"humble yet functional","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 856,"Victoria Park",43.2616,-79.8842,"Public rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 857,"D.O's rink",43.703,-79.3698,"32 x 40","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 858,"Rink KENNY",43.6448,-79.4875,"10x8 metres in backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 859,Westberg,44.9609,-89.6015,"25 x 50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 860,"Platford Rink",50.9182,-97.2104,"Large Rink to practice skating","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 861,"Queensland Outdoor Rink",50.9391,-114.022,"Hockey Rink & Pleasure Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 862,"peck rink",49.8994,-97.2917,"irregular shaped ,runs north /south","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 863,"Ramsey Lake Skate Path",46.4736,-80.9907,"This is the site of the Annual Pond Hockey Tournament. It is also a public skating path for all to enjoy!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 864,"Newman Rink",49.8208,-97.0687,"Rectangle 24' x 38'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 865,"Crest Road Rink",41.061,-74.1305,"60x44 NiceRink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 866,"Falcon's Lair",41.7391,-72.2075,88'x55',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 867,Obrien,44.6333,-63.5914,"Backyard 24x48","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 868,beechstreetrink,44.5122,-61.9114,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 869,"Stephenson Lions",45.2203,-79.2787,"on parking lot, Port Sydney,Ontario, 60x120 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 870,"Heaven on Ice",43.8883,-79.4546,"28' by 48'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 871,"The Bicycle",44.26,-80.5525,"30x40 Tarp with 6"" boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 872,"Benway Park",46.5353,-80.9278," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 873,"Banff High School Rink",51.1789,-115.57,"Rink at Banff Community HS, in Banff AB","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 874,"10 Parkview Avenue",43.6699,-79.3641,"a miniature backyard masterpiece","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 875,Jets,50.0227,-97.043,36x66,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 876,"cam's rink",46.0989,-80.5885,24*50,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 878,"Arrowhead North",44.8876,-93.3967,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 879,"crosby rink",47.779,-80.0166,"large rectangle","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 880,"GRADS back yards rink",43.6512,-79.4817,"Back yard 16'x20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 881,"Morningside Park Rink",43.7784,-79.1955,Ice,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 882,"The Hunter Forum",45.3655,-75.7451,30x50,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 883,"my ponds",42.3173,-73.5717," 2 manmade and 1 natural ponds","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 884,"Logan Road Rink",40.6414,-79.8603,"Backyard neighborhood rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 885,"bob's ice jam",45.4858,-73.4781,30x70,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 886,"Sand Hill Rink",44.5503,-72.5567,"40 x 20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 887,"Home Ice",43.8515,-70.0627,45'X80',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 888,Govs,42.7531,-70.9019,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 889,"Logan's rink",47.6897,-117.286,50'x37',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 890,"charlottesville, VA",38.0588,-78.5121,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 891,Gibson,46.3193,-79.4723,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 892,"One Hot Rink",29.7508,-81.7931,"Grass, lots of grass","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 893,"Rasch Rink",42.8853,-79.2689,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 894,Bleublancrouge,45.3522,-72.5029," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 895,"Bloomingdale Rink",44.404,-74.0861,"3 or 4 public rinks, 50'x150', 80'x160', 65'x130'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 896,"Lancaster NH ice rink",44.4905,-71.5727,170X80,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 897,Kberg,43.7402,-79.4112,48x26,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 898,"Ahrens Family Rink",43.4415,-80.508," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 899,"Sarnia ON",43.0134,-82.3825,18'x30',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 900,"Galen's Olympic Ice",41.7633,-72.2723,"50 x 90 back yard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 901,"Froio Family Rink",42.5769,-71.2154," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 902,"Hugh's rink",43.4345,-79.6886,"low boards - 18' x 24' /tarp","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 903,Julia&jason,43.8297,-79.3687,"16x30 backyard flood with liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 905,"Sweeney Rink",40.4739,-79.9214,"16x24, about 6-8 inches deep","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 906,"Lac Forget",46.1233,-74.6258,"Rink on natural lake","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 907,"Freeman Arena",44.3736,-69.5265,30'x50',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 908,"Shelly rink",41.5931,-85.8681,"90 ft x 38 ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 909,"Jazzy's Rink",43.2231,-79.9958,"36 x 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 910,"Harris Homestead",50.053,-96.3612," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 911,"Delaney Four",48.1985,-53.9643,"small family rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 912,"Madison Square Garden",45.4671,-73.6287,"50"" x 30"" with boards and penalty box","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 913,"Isaacs Ice",46.9265,-55.4017,"30 x 60","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 914,"Little Rink",47.0269,-65.5021,"24' x 19'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 915,"Mini Molson Center",45.4586,-73.663,"Real mini hockey rink 30 by 70 feet we love skating and the kids are out there every single night, weather permitting. We've been building our rink since 2009 but my husband Michael has had one all his life because he would build a rink in front of his p","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 916,"Grynch family rink",48.4472,-113.224,"Backyard 16'X56'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 917,"Waterbury Pond",42.4943,-73.6304,"Small backyard pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 918,"Kru's kids rink",53.495,-113.321,"30' * 50' backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 919,kf,43.51,-80.5131," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 920,"frog Hollow",49.0643,-123.662,"seasonal pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 921,"Bouma's rink",46.5292,-84.2565,"Small 25x40 rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 922,"Stroudwater River",43.6563,-70.3122,"Shallow slow-moving river in urban area","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 923,"The Jarvis Rink",49.8111,-97.0744," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 924,"Boney Park Community Rink",44.7229,-84.0448,"An outdoor rink kept by volunteers in the Mio/Fairview area.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 925,"Hurley Pond",43.1796,-80.2103,"dug farm pond with island","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 926,"VW Pond",45.6829,-111.1,"Neighborhood Pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 927,"The Hill",43.6648,-79.3497,"In a Tiny Yard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 928,SecondYear,41.8082,-87.9644,24x28,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 929,"Murdoch Ghardens",43.4501,-80.4622,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 930,"masons pond",40.3217,-79.9935,"nice rink parts and plywood","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 931,Lillebrand,59.6634,10.7752,"Frozen gravel soccer field. Used for bandy, shinny, and skating.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 932,"Edgar Center",45.0505,-74.7584,"big and awesome","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 933,"Palen Ave",45.3822,-75.6604,"25 feet X 40 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 934,"DiMuzio Family Rink",41.1485,-73.4874,40'x20',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 935,"craigleith homes association",43.4635,-80.5604," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 936,"Rink of Dreams",42.5162,-70.9152,42x22,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 937,Homeice,45.3455,-75.7704,"backyard 28x40 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 938,"Ferguson Rink",44.2205,-76.4599,"40 x 80 rink in our field","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 939,"Ice Palace",50.1059,-96.9017,"50x30 - First year","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 940,"Edgar Center",45.05,-74.7587,"Third year now 65x35 Painted boards, lights, banners","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 941,Upland,50.0218,-110.668,"30 X 70 small boarded rink in Upland park","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 942,"Dobson Park",50.7845,-104.947,"Open air rink, no walls, warming shack","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 943,BRRC,43.4123,-80.5195,"30x20 Irregular","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 944,"Leah Levac Ice Palace",45.9611,-66.6527,"24 x 40 feet, about 40 feet from my house in my neighbour Leah Levac's property. She lets me build it on her flat spot in her back yard! My house is in someone else's backyard, so it works out well. The boards are flimsy (1 x 8 inches), but the tarp is d","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 945,FoxRink,43.9515,-78.8361,60x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 946,DinkyRink,43.3236,-91.7836,"25'x40' Backyard Rink - White Tarp liner w/16"" side boards, est. 2011","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 947,"Skotinos Arena",42.2399,-83.0633,"RECTANGULAR 52 FT BY 27 FT","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 948,"Rink P",43.2159,-79.9949,"30 x 40 lined rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 949,"Arthur Seguin",45.4579,-73.8045,"Outdoor hockey rink at Parc Arthur Seguin in Pointe-Claire (QC)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 950,"Smith Street Forum",44.8113,-73.0738,"A small front yard rink. A nice size for small area games. 1 v 1 goalies is perfect, but 2 v 2 is possible. Current photos coming soon.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 951,"Dawg Pond",43.0319,-81.245,"London ON, backyard rink with liner.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 952,Arrowhead,51.0042,-114.138,"25' x 35' Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 953,harpell,45.4062,-73.9514,"ste-anne-de-bellevue municipal rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 954,"Morningside park, Village de Senneville",45.4153,-73.9577,"Public Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 955,Kirkland,45.4435,-73.8605," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 956,Macnab,45.4931,-73.4839,"50' x 80', 4' boards all around, netting at ends, lighting","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 957,"Batawa Lions Community Rinks",44.1715,-77.5937,"3 outdoor skating rinks","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 958," ",45.1395,-76.1356," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 959,Caminiti,45.4737,-75.4834,"Suburban backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 960,"Moon Rink",45.319,-75.6037,20x40ft,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 961,"Frosty's Rink",47.5893,-52.7069,"Backyard hockey rink 22x32","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 962,"Pond hockey",45.407,-75.6566,"20 by 30 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 963,"Backyard Paradise",53.5344,-113.568,"Good old backyard hockey pond","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 964,"Hadeon's Rink",53.5138,-113.252,"Rectangular about 30x20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 965,brow,53.4128,-113.537," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 966,"140 Locheland",45.2872,-75.7191,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 967,Arden,45.2581,-75.5603,"backyard rink (medium size)","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 968,"Vroom Family Rink",45.5086,-75.2131,"47' x 20'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 969,"HR on the Rideau",44.7095,-76.1803,"75' X 52' rink on Big Rideau Lake","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 970,"For the kids",45.4158,-75.2259,"Small 40x20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 971,"Scooter's Pond",52.0603,-107.982,"30 x 50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 972,"Kelly Family",53.689,-113.533,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 973,McAuley2ndgen,50.9741,-114.092,"small 30x15 backyarder","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 974,Pondskate,45.4368,-76.1255,"Spring fed Natural Pond rink25x50","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 976,"The Rink",50.8998,-114.041,"20' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 977,Birdstone,45.2606,-75.9321,"24x48' 18"" high 3/4"" plywood boards/8mil sileage tarp liner/3/8"" plywood inner liner boards. Min 3"" Max 12"" ice.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 978,"Johnson Family Rink",44.4662,-79.5029,"24 by 48 foot family rink in Hawkestone, ON","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 979,"Rondeau rink",45.3538,-75.7457,"First rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 980,"Devin's Rink",53.5232,-113.431,30'x17',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 981,"3d Pond",45.3613,-75.9558,"Natural spring fed pond 100' x 35'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 982,"Perry rink",45.2784,-75.2683,backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 983,"Dom in Ottawa",45.2812,-75.8469,"24' X 48'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 984,"Timmer's Pond",51.185,-114.288,"Pond in our yard just outside of Calgary, Alberta","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 985,poolrink,45.326,-75.7676,"22x32 backyard rink where our pool once was","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 986,"Rosecliffe Centre",45.2882,-75.7378,"personal outdoor","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 987,"Our rink",53.4437,-113.583,24x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 988,"Drew's Rink",44.3968,-79.7338,"All natural 10x30' backyard rink, no plastic or wood.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 989,"Jeff's Rink",51.3702,-102.446,"88' long by 24' wide, 8' tall end boards and 2' side boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 990,"SNPCA rink",52.0993,-106.626,"Community rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 991,"Graham Park",51.0285,-114.155,"Community adopt-a-rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 992,"Aiello Back Yard Rink",45.322,-75.9383,"13' x 26'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 993," ",45.3766,-75.6644,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 994,"Plage du Lac Bataille Beach",45.6648,-75.5847,"Small rink on Lac Bataille, maintained by a group of neighbours.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 995,"Mike's rink",45.2268,-76.186,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 996,"211 Rink",45.3872,-75.7442,"Small 12 x 22 footer. Big enough to work on stick handling and show my 3y/o to skate.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 997,"Verbicky 1",53.4738,-113.514,"Backyard rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 998,HomeIce,43.9289,-80.1091,"20X40 backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 999,"The Stengel Rink - Home of the Stingrays",42.2986,-82.9675,"Backyard 20 x 48 pond with boards, bumpers & homemade score board","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1000,"MattyBoys Rink",51.0014,-114.121,25*36,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1001,"Strathmore Rink",45.1884,-74.8124,"Year 4, 65' by 28', boards, outdoor lights, and the ice is super smooth......","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1002,"Lac l'Achigan",45.9361,-74.0088,"sur le lac l'Achigan","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1003,"Ron's Rink",45.5144,-75.7222,"50' x 100' on pond -16"" boards + fencing at ends lighted by 12 - 500 watt halogen","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1004,Whitehaven,43.0218,-81.2923,"20 x 30","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1005,Lupenette,44.1309,-77.4548,"Front Yard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1006,"Fraser ODR",45.2887,-75.8589,"25 ft by 50ft","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1007,ChevalierFamilyRink,42.2351,-83.0884,"40 ft. x 16 ft.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1008,"Banff Middle Springs",51.1685,-115.582,"Open field with snow boarders with a kiddie rink beside it","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1009,"patinoire Terreault",46.199,-74.854,"family rink especially active during the christmas. 35x70 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1010,"Country Place",45.3209,-75.7076,"One rink with boards, one without","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1011,"Parc Trahan",45.4611,-73.4846,"Patinoire hockey","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1012,"Anneau de glace",47.3679,-68.3203,"Anneau de glace","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1013,Backyard,45.6006,-73.7133,"28' x 16' with low boards (12"")","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1014,"St James Tennis Club",45.402,-75.6918,"Rink built on top of the St James Tennis Club courts","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1015,"Ben's Rink",53.4712,-113.627,"40x59 liner on plywood","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1016,"Patinoire Masson",46.3415,-72.5474,"Petite Patinoire familiale au Centre-Ville de Trois-Rivières","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1017,Bayshore,45.351,-75.8097,"Outdoor Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1018,"Red Baron",45.2768,-75.268,"28 x 40, Front Yard, level with hay under, 10 foot net all around, 2 spot light.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1019,Stugor,43.4599,-80.4924,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1020,"Moore's Darkside Sheet",44.6825,-63.5638,"32x16 low boards and 10mm poly liner snuggled in the backyard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1021,Backyard,50.8967,-114.089,"20 by 10 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1022,"Longs Rink",50.8932,-113.99,"Hockey Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1023,"The Carroll's",51.3935,-114.668," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1024,Backyard,45.31,-75.8964,"25' x 40' backyard hockey rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1025,"Bowal Family",49.9884,-110.725,"60' x 25' in the backyard. Boards are made out of pallets.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1026,"Asplund's Igloo",49.6587,-112.878,20x40,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1027,"Famille Asselin",45.3595,-71.9976,"Patinoire extérieur de cour arrière","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1028,"Larz Anderson",42.3116,-71.1343,community,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1029,"Bruce Park, Hamilton",43.2384,-79.871," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1030,Villemaire,45.304,-74.3092,"20 x 25","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1031,"Bruce park",43.2382,-79.8711,"2 rinks. 1 full round infield of baseball Damond. 2 rectangular rink in outfield.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1032,"Parc St-Alphonse",45.4151,-71.9149,"Patinoire pour hockey sur béton au Parc St-Alphonse dans le nord de Sherbrooke","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1033,Vinet,45.4909,-73.5425,"rink with boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1034,"Patinoire parc Haendel",45.3848,-73.5189,"neighborhood rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1035,Jesico,46.7972,-71.3639,"Patinoire privée 10'x20'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1036,"d&e's backyard",44.2228,-76.5111,"30x30 thing of beauty","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1037,Private,46.8546,-71.2465,10x20,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1038,"Nelson's Rink",45.3672,-73.2581,"Driveway rink, 48X34, wooden frame, silas canvas on the bottom to retain water, boards and nets on both ends to protect pool deck on one side and parked cars on the other","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1039,"Parc De Lormier",45.5378,-73.5779,"Patinoire extérieur entretenue par la ville de Montréal. Sans bande. Patinage libre.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1040,Dvaillant,45.6874,-73.4131,"25' X 35'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1041,"Bertrand Rink",46.6913,-71.2993," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1042,"Gwinn Rink",43.4239,-80.4519,20x20,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1043,"T's rink",46.2301,-79.3792,30x50,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1044,"Armstrong Arena",51.1925,-114.506," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1045,"Cour arrière",46.7784,-71.289,"15 x 20","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1046,"Storm Front",43.5567,-79.6037,"40' x 20' with 2' boards in the front yard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1047,"Pond Beater",43.4003,-80.2224,33x65,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1048,patinoirefamillelach,46.0599,-73.4739,"35'x70' avec bande tout le tour et filet protecteur, cabine des joueurs chauffées, éclairée par 6 réflecteurs de 400watts métallarc","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1049,Preville,44.3046,-78.3328,"Backyard, south facing, full sunlight, 20' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1050,"Jenkins Family Rink",43.7992,-79.3614,20*25,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1051,"Backyard Rink",54.805,-127.191," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1052,"Backyard Rink",53.5675,-113.432," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1053,"Chez Miller",60.0344,-97.5284,"Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1054,DyceBY,43.7074,-80.3708,"Back Yard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1055,"Backyard Ringette & Curling",51.0526,-114.142,"backyard rink with boards at one end, net. Ringette, curling, hockey and general goofiness is done","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1056,"Terrebonne Forum",45.72,-73.6546,20x35,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1057,"Phil's Chill",43.4482,-80.5518,"20x40 ft long rink in my back yard","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1058,"Parc Andrew-Sangster",45.3877,-71.9056,"2 Patinoires Hockey et un anneau de glace","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1059,"Du Perche",45.5764,-73.4413,"Big rink used by lots of young people from the neighborhood. It sits right on Du Perche street, in Boucherville, Qc.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1060,"Vankoughnet Village Park Community rink",44.9874,-79.0572,"Surrounded by a mixed forest with 100+ year old evergreens standing quietly as spectators. The crushed gravel rink surface is aprox 160ft x 60ft, but it the banks creep in through the season. There are no boards. We have 2 old (bomb proof) solid metal","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1061,"Thomas's rink",45.6519,-73.8644,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1062,"Priceville Outdoor Rink",44.2014,-80.6292,"Outdoor rink at ball park, Stothart Hall","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1063,"Patinoire rue Rodrigue",45.3379,-72.0135,"Dimension 50' x 30'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1064,"École secondaire de La Ruche Magog",45.2761,-72.1403,"Patinoire municipale","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1065,"Gillen Backyard Rink",42.2479,-83.0652,"50' x 100'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1066,"Moe's Ice",42.999,-71.4589,"4th year 16' x52'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1067,"Jeff's rink",45.2903,-75.747,"backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1068,"The Martins Rink",43.5716,-80.2552,"25 feet x 25 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1069,"The Rink",43.5146,-80.5035,"23' x 15' tapering to 12' at west end; lined with vapour barrier.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1070,"Fowler Outdoor Rink",45.3367,-75.7205,"30 x 60, 3 foot high boards, 4 floodlights, 2 goalie nets,","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1071,"The sauce boss",43.4515,-80.4286,"32'x48' with plywood around the two ends, screening up 9' high on one end, and planks on both sides","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1072,"Ross Rink",42.3264,-83.4804," Backyard 40x32","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1073,"Jimmy's Shooting Rink",50.6766,-120.353,"25'x20' with built-in net with targets; great for practicing the 'shot from the slot'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1074,"La Glace des Fortin",46.1827,-72.5694,"Privée. Dimensions : 32 pieds x 64 pieds. Bandes de 3 pieds de hauteur.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1075,"Gill Gardens",43.7569,-79.372,"65' x 20'/30', built with just snow and water; built between Dec 28 /12 and Jan/13; rebuilt starting Jan 31/2013; still going very strong as of Jan 20/2014","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1076,"Fairfield Arena",43.3876,-80.9586,"40X20 rink in Fairfield subdivision.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1077,St-Jacques,45.2734,-73.4195," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1078,"patinoire du bas de la ville",46.5388,-72.7449,"patinoire public extérieure","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1079,"Clair Matin",45.5699,-73.8842,"hockey rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1080,"La Dorion",45.3877,-74.0087,"Private skate rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1081,"The Double 8",43.422,-80.3023,"The whole back yard with a loop around the pond and a loop around the garden. Both loops go up and down hill!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1082,Hemingway,44.6295,-79.6462,"36 x 26 outdoor","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1083,"Goemans' Ice",43.5043,-80.244," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1084,"Test Rink",43.4742,-80.5256," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1085,lavric77,45.499,-75.7015,"20'x40' Entretenue minitieusement","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1086,"Ferraro Rink",40.993,-74.3505,"52 x 24 rink in Kinnelon, NJ backyard.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1087,"Guarnera Family Rink",41.1167,-81.8332,"25' x 50' rink with outdoor lights and netting across the width to catch pucks that miss the goal","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1088,"Patinoire des Pompiers Volontaires",45.3872,-72.1975,"Patinoire municipale","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1089,"Mikes' rink",43.4529,-82.7051,"24' x 50'behind our home and most importantly shaded by trees","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1090,"Players Lounge Rink",44.9695,-93.398," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1091,LaverRink,43.6742,-79.3228,"Small backyard rink for weekend and after school fun.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1092,"Mascari Rink",40.1782,-82.9581,"36x24 - Galena, OH","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1093,"Grace's Ice",43.2201,-71.3493,"22x40 rink down in wooded part of the yard made with poplar logs, sand base, large poly tarp. Lighted for nighttime skating and hockey practice","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1094,"Boyle Rink",53.2652,-113.523,"This is the first year of our backyard rink. It works as both a hockey rink and a curling rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1095,"Parc Bureau",45.3934,-71.8677,"2 Patinoires au parc bureau 1 ouverte pour patineur et 1 avec des bandes pour le hockey","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1096,"Belle Vallee Rink",47.6528,-79.5874,"covered natural rink , heated change rooms, Very new","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1097,"Sutton's Bay Rink",44.9786,-85.6498,"Open to the public, snow banks for boards ~ 100' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1098,"Bray's Rink",42.5566,-71.4192,"35' x 85' in Westford, MA","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1099,"Anneau de course",46.5278,-72.3383,"Anneau de course sur glace fait à même la rivière Batiscan. L'anneau est déneigé 1 fois par semaine, avant les courses du samedi. Aucun arrosage n'est fait pendant l'hiver. L'anneau est exposé au soleil sans zones d'ombre possible car il est au cen","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1100,"Plymouth Ice House",42.9842,-85.6098,"36 ft by 80 ft shallowest: 3 in deepest: 13 in","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1101,"Dominique Iceplex",43.7043,-79.3766," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1102,"Greg's rink",45.5257,-73.2778,"40ish by 25ish rink in st-Basile.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1103,Sidney,40.3679,-80.0511,"30'x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1104,"The Beardys",44.1822,-80.4199,"40' x 60' backyard rink with side boards, end boards and netting","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1105,"Schroeder Rink",55.18,-118.74,"approx. 30 by 60 ft. Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1106,Eby,43.3857,-80.7205,"24 x 47","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1107,Backyard,44.025,-79.4293," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1108,"Glendora Park",43.6917,-79.3213,"Outdoor Rink maintained by neighbourhood in North York","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1109,"Our Rink",46.5551,-81.268,"We built a rink for the first time in our yard.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1110,"Puck Bucket",42.4459,-76.6268,"A nice 32 by 60 backyard rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1111,"MD RInk",44.1026,-79.5894,"Homemade Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1112,"Neighborhood Pond Rink",45.1286,-92.9902,"Financed, built, and maintained by 13 families. First year, 2014.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1114,erbrink,43.4787,-80.7632,"55 feet x 35 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1115,"Marks Lagoon",43.4297,-80.4742,"Backyard rink; 32 x 22 feet, with boards, and a tarp.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1116,"City of Carver",44.7634,-93.6414," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1117,"McCoy Rink",41.31,-105.585,"Backyard ice rink ca. 75'x 25'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1118,"Parc Thomas-Dubuc",45.5637,-73.4867,"Neighborhood hockey rink in Longueil.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1119,Bruemmerink,45.3676,-74.6191,"30X40, 6-inch to 1-inch boards, about 400 watts of lighting","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1120,"Shewf's Rink",45.2955,-75.7621,"My Backyard Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1121,JT-Nolet,47.4323,-72.7944,"Patinoire familiale","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1122,"Mainprize Gardens",44.1416,-79.3132,"20' x 40'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1123,Wrayboys3,55.366,-118.902,"35 x 60 foot rink behind house with snow banks for boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1124,"The Pool",43.1121,-79.2325,Backyard,"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1125,"Chez Hebert",42.2935,-82.7301,"30x50 rink in Canada's sunny south, Belle River, Ontario, N0R 1A0","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1126,"Nosbonsing Centre",46.1948,-79.2276," ","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1127,"Clan Cameron",43.7131,-79.3876,"40 feet by 16 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1128,D-Rink,46.4069,-80.7196,"Our Northern Ontario outdoor rink is located on the Lake in our backyard. The size varies (depending on how much we decide shovel) The ice is in it's natural state.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1129,"Burgess Backyard",45.3708,-75.7751,"small backyard rink - no liner","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1130,"deck rink",39.9061,-86.1724,"backyard is too sloped, so put a 30 foot by 7 foot rink on our backyard deck","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1131,"Greydon's Rink",43.1435,-80.7461,"16' X 26'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1132,Rollins/Wells,43.5273,-80.5656,"80*50 rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1134,"Nolan's Red Rink",42.238,-83.0771,"35 x 60, 2 foot side boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1135,"Elmira Backyard Fun!",43.5876,-80.5698,"25 x 35 rink in the backyard for the kids.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1136,Bourdon,43.4374,-80.4398,"40' x 60' rink with lights in Mannheim.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1137,"Cook Family Backyard Rink",49.7667,-97.161,"48x25' rink in our backyard.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1138,"Ste. Rita Community Centre",49.8765,-96.2993,"Ste. Rita Community Centre Full Sized Rink. Heated facilities.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1139,Scarfe,62.4949,-114.365,"30x50 Backyard setup with Lighting.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1140,"Laurelwood community",43.4459,-80.5809,"40 x 70 , in Laurelwood park just of of Gatestond Blvd","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1141,"North Leaside",43.7433,-79.3515,"28' x 40' backyard rink.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1142,dalhousie,51.0966,-113.665,"backyard ice rink in Calgary - 16 x 50 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1143,"Wood's Rink",42.0462,-83.1008,"24'x48' 24"" Boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1144,"Wright Rink",43.3599,-79.8195,25'x40',"2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1145,"Sharon Drive",41.4811,-72.914,"34' x 68'","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1146,"Elisabeth's Backyard Rink",45.4482,-73.8954,"20' x 24' 18"" boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1147,Ross,46.1006,-66.7636,"30x60 Backyard w/boards","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1148,"MacDonald Street Rink",42.963,-81.6276,"36 by 70 hockey rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1149,Hrasko-Rink,49.9366,-119.379,"60 ft x 109ft On top of asphalt tennis court with liner. Lit rink with fence around","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1150,PSG,42.1647,-75.8525,"24 feet by 40 feet","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1151,"Cody's Rink",58.4012,-134.597,"25 x 40 in Juneau Alaska","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1152,"113 Osborne",39.4192,-76.6406,"Backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1153,"Kiruthi Backyard Rink",42.1522,-71.3754,"20' x 40' ""rink in a box"" Nice Rink. White plastic liner. 4 inches in shallow end, 14 inches in deep end. First year rookie!!","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1154,"The Barn At The Brunoplex",40.9326,-73.1903,"64x27 backyard rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1155,TurkRink,45.1189,-75.7445,"24 x 36 Liner installed and runs under boards wrapping upwards on outside.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1156,"Summer Fun",41.5387,-73.1423,"35 x 64","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1157,"Lance Rink",42.9403,-83.54,"30' x 80' 37"" of water in the deep end and 6"" of water in the shallow end.","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1158,"Gold Bridge Rink",40.4553,-74.339,"40x20 backyard rink established 2008","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1159,"Mystic Forest",42.4556,-83.477,"Pond based rink - about 3 rinks long, 1.5 rinks wide","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1160,"Dale Arena",43.717,-79.3918,"30' x 50' white plastic liner min depth 4"" max. depth 10"" Filled Jan 4th, 2015","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1161,"Morriston Rink",43.4548,-80.1111,"Morriston Meadow Rink","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1162,Stonecroft,45.1261,-76.2922,"backyard rink in among the trees","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1163,"Bruins Rule",43.4371,-80.4877,"A back yard rink which is 96' by 24' in Kitchener Ontario","2018-10-25 07:39:25" 1164,"Colin's Test",43.5371,-80.2404," A beautiful fictional rink","2018-11-15 21:57:48" 1165,"Colin's RInk",43.5453,-80.2626,"A great fictional rink ","2018-11-15 22:06:47" 1167,"Bunz Family",43.3847,-80.4862,"20x30 Rink","2018-12-04 08:16:46" 1168,test,43.4246,-80.4999,test,"2018-12-05 12:04:16" 1169,"Carpenter Family Rink",43.5145,-80.5045,"Our rink is 20'x30' set up in our back/side yard and it's our first attempt at a backyard rink.","2018-12-05 14:02:26" 1170,"Lynndale Parkette Neighbourhood Rink",43.6826,-79.2754,"50' X 100' Rink","2018-12-06 07:45:04" 1171,"Dench House",44.2918,-88.3924,"24'x32', 5"" deep on the shallow end, ~8 on the deep end.","2018-12-07 17:20:49" 1173,"A-Way Rink",42.6587,-71.5027,"40x80 backyard rink","2018-12-07 21:22:24" 1174,test,43.4246,-80.4999,test,"2018-12-08 00:32:44" 1175,"Eck Ice Rink",48.1427,-117.13,"45 x 75, 20 inches at deepest, 4 inches as shallow.","2018-12-08 01:08:51" 1176,Chapman,41.7435,-72.7534,"20x46 ft, mostly shaded. 11 inches in deepest corner.","2018-12-12 07:07:46" 1177,"The Big E Arena at Smiley Terrace",42.9806,-78.6212,"used to be a labor of love for my son. Now its a labor of love for my grandson","2018-12-15 08:01:11" 1178,"Parsons Sports Complex",44.8178,-69.1299,"28 by 52 NiceRink +/- 2 inches of slope with 4 lights. Beautiful views of the white mountains and sugarloaf. ","2018-12-15 10:04:20" 1179,"Mini Mariucci",51.0199,-114.221,"Backyard rink; 20' wide by 45' long","2018-12-18 12:58:05" 1180,"Jeanne D'Arc Park",45.4741,-75.5457,"It's permanent. It has no facilities. It is not 'accessible'. It has lights. It is maintained by volunteers.","2018-12-19 08:52:16" 1181,"Pika Rink",51.1866,-115.56,"Rink is 124' X 44' and is used for shinny and curling. It is maintained by Mountain View Coop and a generous donation from local business Banff Caribou Properties. The opening date over the last 40ish years ranged from early Nov. to mid Dec. and typically lasts from mid March to early April. The sun begins to clear the trees at the south end of the rink in mid March and pace of melting varies depending on overcast or clear conditions.","2018-12-19 09:02:29" 1182,"NUFFIELD RINK",43.7237,-79.7582,"25x33 rink","2018-12-21 12:21:34" 1183,"Superior Ave Backyard Rink",43.6167,-79.4927,"Plastic Tarp in wooden frame, 26' x 38' ","2018-12-25 22:52:41" 1184,"Stephenson Rink",43.0513,-81.2515,"My rink is 17 FT X 34 FT. This will be my forth winter. Huge Ottawa Senators fan so i have a giant flag flying beside the rink and an old childs Ottawa score clock hanging beside the rink that lights up with all my flood lights that all turn on from the power of my phone!","2018-12-28 11:02:53" 1185,"Hessel House",42.5009,-82.1274,"This year our rink is 40x55 enclosed in the back of a barn/shed.","2018-12-28 11:48:21" 1186,"WFB Backyard",43.115,-87.9097,"This is the 8th year of flooding a backyard rink. Rink consists of a 30x40' tarp and 6 rolls of landscaping edging, held up by stakes. Very quick to install, very cheap as the materials last 2-3 seasons.","2018-12-31 10:53:37" 1187,"Our Rink",43.5352,-79.6222,"24x48 ","2019-01-03 12:02:00" 1188,Rink19112,44.1212,-79.3694,"28' wide x 48' long","2019-01-05 10:11:58" 1189,"Craig's rink",43.502,-80.5134,"48'x16' tarped rink. Skateable Jan.11, 2019","2019-01-14 10:41:18" 1191,"Diamond Centre",43.2062,-79.2256,"We have a 20 ft by 18 ft backyard rink for our sons who wanted to learn how to skate and who now play ice hockey. Rink was first installed for the 2017-2018 with skateable ice from December 28 2018 until February 25. ","2019-01-16 22:32:44" 1192,"OBrien Family Rink Rats",42.3257,-71.2685,"Just skated on it yesterday!","2019-01-18 13:51:19" 1193,"A Rink in Time",43.9154,-78.6913,"First made in December 2017","2019-01-19 11:08:58" 1194,"Flushing Outdoor Rink of Dreams",40.7725,-73.8187,"20' x 26'. 12"" high 3/4"" plywood boards, with 18"" high boards on the deep end. 6"" grade on the deep side. 45 degree supports on 3 sides of the rink to hold back the water. LED strip under the center ice, and Christmas lights tied around the rink. 2 benches on the side for easy changing, and rubber mats along the side for walking. A true labor of love with countless hours of fun. Well worth it.","2019-01-31 12:18:17" 1195,"Colony Point",40.8401,-89.6004,"32x32 16 inches deep on the deep","2019-02-02 16:38:10" 1196,"Stanley Ice Rink",44.2121,-114.936,"We are an outdoor ice rink that is for public use. It is maintained through hard work of volunteers.","2019-02-03 12:43:19" 1197,"ODR 17 St and 47 Ave SW",51.0118,-114.104,"An outdoor rink built on a field of grass with hills for the boundaries","2019-02-08 20:37:43" 1198,"Rae Gardens",45.273,-75.8861,"Rink is 20 by 40 with osb boards on both ends. Slight slope in back yard means to get 8 inch on one side we have 12 on other. Used 2x10 boards attched with metal faceplates and corner brackets reinforced with 12 inch rebar stakes. I used a rink liner. I use a rink refinished with hot water but for big refloods i have been using cold water bucket dump","2019-02-10 15:20:52" 1199,"Fox Valley Rink",41.7665,-91.6169,32x48,"2019-02-19 08:45:52" 1200,"Pucek Gardens",52.9595,-122.435,"30x40 Liner Rink. LED lit with boards. 4 inches deep at low end, 6 inches at high end. ","2019-02-19 13:28:52" 1201,"Enterprise Centre",44.0632,-79.471,"I've been building rinks for 3-4 years. I was previously a Rinkwatch member but somehow my login info doesn't work. My rink is 28x30 and has some LED lighting for lines etc. We use it constantly during the winter to be outside and stay active. I have a 6 and 9 yr old who love it. ","2019-02-20 21:32:54" 1202,"Test Rink",43.2496,-79.879,"This is a test. It's OK to delete this rink.","2019-08-22 01:29:36" 1203,"Devil's Creek headwaters pond",43.3518,-80.3398,"Large pond held back by earthen dam. Used throughout winter by neighbourhood kids for skating, shinny","2019-08-23 13:36:42" 1204,"Kitchener City Hall Public Rink",43.4514,-80.4928,"Fountain infront of city-hall gets turned into an ice rink each winter for outdoor skating. ","2019-10-02 10:38:39" 1205,"Oli's rink",46.8414,-71.3339,"My backyard rink","2019-10-15 11:52:36" 1206,"Ice sheet",41.4508,-72.784,,"2019-10-25 00:47:13" 1207,"Light in the Woods",50.4007,-105.581,"Our backyard is quite small. Maybe 20x20. My children love it! AndI find that building the rink is fun, even therapeutic. ","2019-10-27 21:47:53" 1208,"Cutler Family Rink",43.2499,-79.8789,"30x40 foot rink","2019-10-28 14:36:36" 1209,"Centre communautaire de la Pointe-au-Père",48.5054,-68.4572,Hockey,"2019-11-02 19:34:26" 1210,"Lobe Rink",45.375,-73.9493,"approx 25x50 outdoor rink, Winter 2019 inaugural season","2019-11-11 02:35:10" 1211,"Cutler rink",43.2496,-79.8791,Test,"2019-11-13 22:56:36" 1213,"Bondlet's Ice Garden",58,-94,"Back yard recreational rink","2019-11-16 17:44:17" 1214,BHFN,47.8269,-83.3432,"Outdoor rink, cement foundation. Water by hydrant","2019-11-18 13:29:38" 1215,"Romanyshyn L",52.1217,-106.667,"The rink takes up most of the backyard and represents an ""L"" shape. The rink is open to all in the neighborhood and keeps my 3 sons busy!","2019-11-21 00:33:03" 1217,"Ben's Rink",43.9396,-79.8789,"Our rink is 27 by 27 ft. We use a tarp. a","2019-11-30 18:42:25" 1218,"Paddy’s Rink",48.0509,-89.5647,"Approximately 30x60 full 4x8 boards netting around both ends ","2019-12-03 15:48:12" 1219,"Paddy’s Rink",48.0509,-89.5647,"Approximately 30x60 full 4x8 boards netting around both ends ","2019-12-03 15:48:24" 1220,"Paddy’s Rink",48.0509,-89.5647,"Approximately 30x60 full 4x8 boards netting around both ends ","2019-12-03 15:49:19" 1221,"Paddy’s Rink",48.0509,-89.5647,"Approximately 30x60 full 4x8 boards netting around both ends ","2019-12-03 15:49:52" 1222,"Prospect Ponds",40.5598,-105.026,"Outdoor ice in the winter...","2019-12-06 00:40:11" 1223,"Gus Gardens",43.9253,-79.522,"25' x 45' Made with a liner and lumber for boards and frame","2019-12-11 00:29:32" 1224,Ravenwood,61.3064,-149.504,"Large outside rink located at an elementary school. Maintained some by the school with lots of help from parents. ","2019-12-16 21:27:12" 1225,"Carter Lincoln Arena",44.4486,-89.5688,"21' x 50' outdoor rink ","2019-12-18 02:25:41" 1226,"Burman Sports Complex",44.1049,-92.4564,"90 x 50 rink with liner and full plywood boards. ","2019-12-18 03:59:26" 1227,"Ev @ G Rink",43.5105,-80.5158,"24’ x 48’ rink with 16” chip board boards. LED lighting. White liner","2019-12-18 10:44:00" 1228,"Taylor Rink",58,-94,"48’x24’ Rink lined with 6x6 pressure treated wood with a 30x50 rink tarp from Canadian Tire","2019-12-18 11:14:33" 1229,"Larson rink",48.0871,-117.433,"40 x 40 8 inch deep 2500 feet Above sea level","2019-12-18 16:29:36" 1230,"Patrick Hockey Rink",40.7802,-77.8629,"Wood frame, 20 x 55","2019-12-18 18:12:29" 1231,"Braun Backyard Rink",43.5421,-80.5001,"42ft x 30 ft backyard rink","2019-12-20 03:49:59" 1232,"Wilner Rink",43.8593,-79.4928,"A small, 24' x 16' rink in our backyard","2019-12-24 15:52:04" 1233,"Legacy Skating Rink",50.8533,-474.012,"Average size man-made skating rink located off of Legacy Glen Way and Legacy View, side boards and nets added. ","2020-01-02 19:30:17" 1234,"Acton Vale (QC)",45.6255,-72.4778,"Deux patinoires voisines derrière un centre sportif. Environ 3500 pi.carré au total.","2020-01-06 14:56:26" 1235,Siesta,45.9298,-73.8192,"Self maintained skating surface area on Siesta lake, St-Calixte QC, Canada.","2020-01-07 15:52:49" 1236,"De Gaspe Hockey Rink",45.5284,-73.5986,"Hockey rink maintained by the city","2020-01-07 15:55:34" 1237,"Our backyard bird bath",38.0265,-84.4863,"A 15 x 20 foot white tarp lined rink. Max water depth is 4 inches. No skateable ice in 2018-19 season. Usually we can skate between 1 to 2 weeks per season.","2020-01-13 22:23:35" 1238,"Tenney Park Lagoon",43.0948,-89.3667,"Lagoon fed by the Yahara River which connects Lake Mendota and Lake Monona.","2020-01-14 01:43:52" 1239,"Ghaboucrew Backyard ",43.0637,-89.465,"We have a 30x40 EZ ice rink for backyard skating fun","2020-01-14 04:05:31" 1240,"Eastland Forum",42.2919,-71.1134,"Urban backyard rink in Boston, 17x33 feet.","2020-01-14 14:20:32" 1241,"Flower Creek Rink",43.465,-86.4518,"48'x90' 2' boards on sides 4'boards on ends. 12"" deep End 6"" shallow end.","2020-01-14 16:22:20" 1242,"Buckhorn Sports Pad",44.5611,-78.3368,"Outdoor Rink with boards, glass and roof in Buckhorn, Ontario","2020-01-14 22:15:23" 1243,"Hoyt Lake at Delaware Park",42.9329,-78.8709,"Natural ice skatable very infrequently. Most years a snow covers the ice preventing the ice to become thick enough. But when the ice is skatable and the whole pond is open, it is a treat.","2020-01-15 17:27:49" 1244,"Hillhurst House",51.0581,-114.099,"30’ x 60’ Residential ","2020-01-16 00:50:58" 1245,"Tassone family rink",42.5277,-88.2341,"35x70ft backyard rink","2020-01-16 01:01:06" 1246,"Beaulac Rink",45.5199,-73.6778,"Small, cozy rink located in the heart of ville saint laurent. ","2020-01-16 23:22:49" 1247,"Fair Haven Fields Pond",40.3483,-74.0351,"Small pond in wooded natural area","2020-01-17 20:44:33" 1248,"Metro NYC New Jersey burbs backyard rink",40.8248,-74.1983,"30 x 16 backyard rink. 12 miles west of Manhattan ","2020-01-21 01:07:21" 1249,"Metro NYC New Jersey burbs backyard rink",40.8249,-74.1982,"30 x 16 backyard rink. 12 miles west of Manhattan ","2020-01-21 01:09:30" 1250,"Brooks Hockey Rink",40.7434,-77.9481,"Pocket-sized outdoor wooden rink with hay bale cover plastic lining.","2020-01-22 15:19:45" 1251,Harmony,40.8044,-80.1284,"Iron sleek drop-in 16x32","2020-01-30 14:09:41" 1252,"Flydaug Ice",40.7024,-111.814,"The Flydaug rink is 18' x 24'. It's set on dirt with white plastic table covers as the first layer, then a 20' x 26' clear 4 mil plastic sheeting. The board are 8"" tall scrap plywood. The rink is covered during the day with suspended tarps. This '19/20 season is the third year we have tried a rink. Last season had the most skateable days.","2020-02-12 16:41:37" 1253,"Millers Coop",42.6137,-73.8267,"50ft x 30ft sheet with 5ft tall chicken wire panels around the ends","2020-02-13 09:15:15" 1254,"Millers Coop",42.6137,-73.8267,"50ft x 30ft sheet with 5ft tall chicken wire panels around the ends","2020-02-13 09:16:21" 1255,"Mr. Sewstad T. Rink",46.4942,-84.3443,"Backyard, 45'x30'. Tarp underneath, snow for edges","2020-02-17 15:04:50" 1256,"Ireland Drive backyard",44.2992,-78.3696,"20x40 ft with plastic liner ","2020-02-21 22:04:58" 1257,"smith backyard",45.3637,-63.29,"24 x 50’ backyard rink. Uneven ground due to tree Route. So thick part of rink needs to be 8 inches thick or thin part to be scalable","2020-02-22 02:27:08" 1258,"My rink@45 Marlow Cres.",43.8714,-79.2921,"The rink is first build on December 2019, the size is 16 feet by 30 feet, deepest corner is 8 inches, shallow corner is 1 inches.","2020-02-22 04:23:32" 1259,"Lessard Community League",53.4946,-113.621,"Have a hockey rink, a smaller rink, and a path around a clump of trees. ","2020-02-22 05:16:47" 1260,"Husky Energy Sunrise Oil Sands",57.2326,-111.06,"Outdoor rink, Zamboni maintained. 200'x85' with boards and lighting. Maintained after hours by site workers. ","2020-02-22 05:24:56" 1261,"Keats’s backyard rink",47.6174,-52.7071,"Size - 23x24 18inches deep in the Bottom corner this year","2020-02-22 11:27:39" 1262,"Woods arena",50.1223,-97.3336,"The rink is approximately 48x30 feet. It has a snow base with no plastic liner. The perimeter is made of piled up snow. Water I was fed from the kitchen tap inside the house and attached to a homemade rink take. ","2020-02-22 12:31:52" 1263,"Lessard Park",43.6537,-79.4898,"Natural rink that a group of neighborhood volunteers maintain each winter. It covers the infield of the baseball diamond in the park. ","2020-02-22 20:23:34" 1264,"Islay’s Pond",44.6538,-63.9857,"This is a small pond next to the ocean. It relies on locals to keep it cleaned and shovelled. Beautiful sunsets.","2020-02-22 22:38:10" 1265,"Wood Lake",58,-94,"30x60 rink on lake","2020-02-22 23:34:57" 1266,"Skate Maynooth ",58,-94,"Outdoor rink in Maynooth Ontario. Fridays we provide hot coco late and chilli for skaters.","2020-02-23 01:03:22" 1267,"St. Albert Catholic High School Rink",53.6367,-113.639,"City of St. Albert maintained full-size boarded outdoor rink","2020-02-23 05:12:30" 1268,"Falun Skating Rink",52.959,-113.84,"Natural ice outdoor skating rink featuring boards from the Calgary Saddledome.","2020-02-24 16:25:37" 1269,"TG Arena",40.6482,-80.0239,"32x60 ft backyard rink","2020-02-25 02:06:51" 1270,LeClaire,41.956,-87.755,"36 feet long by 24 feet wide. ","2020-04-23 03:54:28" 1271,"Ruz Rink",43.8284,-96.727,"24' by 50' backyard rink using nice rink brackets, 16"" boards and a white liner.","2020-05-13 16:25:53" 1272,"Rhinebeck Rink",41.9269,-73.9217,,"2020-05-19 22:15:36" 1273,"Gillsie's Rink",42.418,-71.5103,"Residential backyard rink approximately 48 feet long x 40 feet wide NiceRink Boards and Liner","2020-05-20 15:26:16" 1274,"Aric Dodd Rink (Saskatoon, SK)",52.0959,-106.612,,"2020-05-21 16:57:59" 1275,"Darryl De Gagne Rink (Lorette, MB)",49.7386,-96.8747,"Rink in Lorette, MB","2020-05-25 04:34:06" 1276,"Rod Hartman Rink (Hastings, NE)",40.5797,-98.3835,"Hastings Nebraska Rink","2020-05-25 05:37:28" 1277,"Eric Roberts Rink (Long Grove, IL)",42.1783,-87.9982,"Rink in Long Grove, IL","2020-05-25 13:34:11" 1278,"Mat Blanchard Rink (Farmington, MN)",44.6404,-93.145,"Rink in Farmington, MN ","2020-05-27 18:46:43" 1279,"Adam Chiasson Rink (Canton, MI)",42.3074,-83.4822,"Rink in Canton, MI ","2020-05-27 22:33:04" 1280,"Chris Starzec Rink (Trevor, WI)",42.5118,-88.121,"Rink in Trevor, WI","2020-05-28 01:10:41" 1281,"Garrett Metcalf (Rochester Hills, MI)",42.6571,-83.1612,"Rink in Rochester Hills, MI","2020-05-31 02:10:46" 1282,"Thom White Rink (Bozeman, MT)",45.6864,-111.043,"Rink in Bozeman, MT","2020-06-02 22:14:28" 1283,"Maurice Cormier (La Grange, IL)",41.8044,-87.8771,"Rink in La Grange, IL","2020-06-18 00:56:33" 1284,"No rink",58,-94,"I don’t have a rink, but when I was a kid I skated and played hockey outdoors all winter. I just want to follow your work.","2020-07-29 18:54:55" 1285,"Lac Solar - Gore",45.7672,-74.2443,"Je fais habituellement trois patinoires : une de hockey/ballon-balai, une de curling et une petite pour les enfants. Tous les voisins y sont bienvenus.","2020-07-31 16:56:38" 1286,"Ardrossan Outdoor Rink",53.5542,-113.146,"New outdoor rink with boards right beside the arena.","2020-09-28 06:07:30" 1287,"Marit's ice center",44.5387,-72.6244,"24x32 foot rink with 4 foot plywood boards","2020-10-26 01:18:18" 1288,"Barberry Pond ",43.9574,-79.4771,"A pond located in RichmondHill,ON run by the residents of barberry crescent the street the pond is behind. Every year come winter it becomes a well known spot for people living in the Oakridges area to skate. ","2020-11-12 17:55:01" 1289,"Future Stars Arena at Ecole River Heights School",52.1636,-106.633,"Future Stars Arena is the ODR in the community of River Heights in Saskatoon, SK.","2020-11-12 20:38:46" 1290,"Ridge view rink",45.0469,-63.4305,"30x75 great fun for the neighborhood kids, this is my 4th Year. Built between the houses in the subdivision previously, This year all located in my yard to make it wider and longer.","2020-11-15 14:47:03" 1291,"Live Free Rink",43.1521,-70.8957,"25x55 ez ice boards with a nice rink liner. Backyard ODR","2020-11-15 22:09:41" 1292,WHP,44.8235,-63.6057,"Rink is 45 x 90. Crusher rock as a base. Rinkmaster 50x100 liner. Perimeter surrounded by railway ties. Video surveillance of rink.","2020-11-16 14:22:17" 1293,"Gerken Backyard Rink",41.7893,-72.7494,"36x50 feet. 2x12 boards with NiceRink liner. ","2020-11-20 15:59:08" 1294,"Stapleton Centre",45.959,-66.7286,"This is year two for the Stapleton Centre, a 16 x 32 shimmering piece of gold. There were some minor hiccups last year, but with some solid offseason training and preparation, the Stapleton Centre is primed for comeback season for the ages (weather dependent of course)","2020-11-22 23:36:04" 1295,"McNally Arena ",42.5988,-70.9538,"A 40 x 70 rink located North of Boston.","2020-11-23 17:19:56" 1296,Venne's,42.9729,-71.4346,24'x40',"2020-12-02 22:23:17" 1297,"4th Line Grinder",44.3877,-78.1963,"30 x 60 Boards plus liner from","2020-12-06 16:46:02" 1298,"Lower Portman",46.8638,-91.9745,"On the edges of Lake Superior this rink gets use daily","2020-12-07 15:44:04" 1299,"A&M center",44.3974,-79.7013,"21x41 frame made with 2x12s, 2x4 and a tarp, whatever we found laying around the house. filled date Dec 5/6th. looking forward to the freeze","2020-12-07 16:54:58" 1300,"Krichbaum Gardens",44.7533,-79.8971,"20x30 starter rink in the back yard. 1st year build and its on a slight slope 3in deep shallow end and deep end is 12in deep.","2020-12-07 22:09:08" 1301,"Colonial Aglow",43.8956,-69.9576,"20x35 EZ ice rink in backyard. Mostly shaded","2020-12-08 00:01:39" 1302,"Backyard rink",49.8485,-99.9601,"20 x 40 small rink","2020-12-09 20:34:58" 1303,"Coyote Gardens ",44.5883,-79.8656,"18 x 42. Has cut outs for the nets.","2020-12-10 04:28:43" 1304,"Test Rink",43.2519,-79.8775,Test,"2020-12-16 17:37:23" 1305,"The Brown's Backyard Rink",45.9925,-66.5857,"18ftx20ft rink using rink trap and wooden frame.","2020-12-16 22:08:42" 1306,"Exit 9",43.0098,-86.186,"Backyard 30x60. 5in deep.","2020-12-18 00:32:32" 1307,"Medynski rink",45.3623,-76.115,,"2020-12-20 00:51:15" 1308,"B.A.M Memorial Ice Cube",47.4182,-120.268,"20x40 backyard rink; 7"" deep end, 4"" shallow end. Mostly shaded throughout the day!","2020-12-25 08:38:53" 1309,"Jeff’s Rink",43.001,-79.4927,"DIY 24x48 rink with liner. ","2020-12-26 17:11:43" 1310,"Toddlers first rink",44.2087,-79.4735,"Bare bone, packed snow base. Let’s hope for a good season.","2020-12-30 01:30:37" 1311,"Siegle backyard",42.7403,-84.4644,"20’ x 40’ backyard rink","2021-01-01 18:18:54" 1312,Youngman’s,43.1521,-76.3062,"20x40 EZ Rink. 1st year rink builders 2020.","2021-01-02 22:40:40" 1313,"Tender Grass",43.3843,-80.2196,"Circular 15 meter by 15 meter pond rink. ","2021-01-03 16:54:01" 1314,"Madeleine Square Gardens",43.3339,-79.8982,"20x30' rink with 2' high x 5/8"" thick boards and 12 x 2x4' homemade brackets. Secured with 1 x 3' rebar into the ground in each the brackets and screwed together with standard decking screws all around. The liner is from and we staple gun the top of it to the boards. We added 2 x 50' strings of xmas lights on 6 2x2x10' studs last year.","2021-01-08 21:29:47" 1315,"Lindy Memorial Ice Rink",43.1476,-77.5961,"20' x 40' NiceRink in the greater Rochester, NY area.","2021-01-11 03:16:53" 1316,"Hoag's Shinny",42.8325,-78.1797,25'x40',"2021-01-11 20:57:34" 1317,"No name",43.5242,-79.6683,"A community created ice rink located right outside Homelands Public School.","2021-01-11 21:00:00" 1318,"Downing Rink",42.9652,-84.5383,"24x32 (2020) 3/4 - 1 x 8 plywood boards with homemade braces Nice Rink Liner","2021-01-14 03:17:37" 1319,"Spartans ",42.9816,-70.9856,"16x24 Ice ‘n Go Pro rink. Bag style liner over frame.","2021-01-14 03:20:16" 1320,"Joe Meirose",43.9478,-76.1145,"28’x56’ ""NiceRink"" backyard rink. ","2021-01-15 01:30:16" 1321,Sharratt,58,-94,"96x64. West facing. Full sun all day. ","2021-01-15 01:52:16" 1322,"Silva rink",58,-94,"24 x 24","2021-01-15 02:00:30" 1323,"Pestka Arena",41.7184,-88.0162,"42 x 22 in size 4"" shallow end, 22"" deep end Inaugural year - 2020","2021-01-15 02:49:37" 1324,"Duckworth Rink",42.7523,-84.6277,"30x35 backyard rink. Lined with white 8-mil tarp. Braced with 2x8” boards. ","2021-01-15 02:54:09" 1325,"Michael's Rink",45.873,-74.1999,"Small 15x20 rink.","2021-01-15 03:05:55" 1326,"Maple Bacon Gardens",45.9817,-81.9381,"Backyard Rink 40x35 on Manitoulin Island","2021-01-15 04:36:11" 1327,"Morgan Gardens",43.9388,-79.2982,"30 X 50 - Aprox. 6-9 inches of ice","2021-01-15 15:03:15" 1328,"Exhibition Park - Guelph",43.5504,-80.2649,"The rink is built in a public park (Exhibition Park) with the approval and equipment provided by the City of Guelph (Parks Division). The rink is built on grass and is approximately 15m x 30m. Approximately 16 local men (mainly dads) flood the rink 1-2x daily.","2021-01-15 15:15:40" 1329,"Findlay-Black Rink",52.2751,-113.806,"Backyard rink, 20x20 skating surface. Not for public skating. Very skateable, not boarded. ","2021-01-15 17:15:58" 1330,"Marchand Park",43.9509,-78.9631,"300 feet x 100 feet Construction pond 24 inches deep","2021-01-15 18:09:48" 1331,"David Desrosiers Sr. Memorial Rink",42.9592,-70.9271,"It is a 24 x 48 rink.","2021-01-15 18:39:27" 1332,"Thornlodge Park (",43.5243,-79.6684,"Natural rink, no liner, built by the city, maintained by volunteers. On uneven grass.","2021-01-15 19:35:54" 1333,"Highland Lakes, NJ",41.1601,-74.4641,"Man-made lake, approx 2 miles long, skating area is on a cove","2021-01-15 19:52:32" 1334,ruckus,43.2082,-79.2393,"homemade 20x44ft","2021-01-15 22:33:45" 1335,"Totts Tot Lot Rink",43.713,-79.2343,"Community built rink in east end of Toronto (Scarborough) ","2021-01-16 21:39:34" 1336,"Ladywood Gardens",42.4013,-83.4156,"18’ x 40’ bird bath and part time ice rink.","2021-01-17 01:51:55" 1337,"Matt Fleming - Fredericton Rink",46.3364,-66.2266,"25'x42' Outdoor rink with poly tarp underneath (although has some holes now)and 2X10 boards. ","2021-01-18 13:46:14" 1338,"Shorewood Rink",41.4602,-87.1551,"Lighted Hockey Rink on Lake Louise in Valparaiso IN","2021-01-20 05:03:12" 1339,"Bags' Backyard ",43.0234,-78.7675,"20 by 50, 9 inches deep at deepest spot ","2021-01-20 23:17:47" 1340,"Bags' Backyard ",43.0234,-78.7675,"20 by 50, 9 inches deep at deepest spot ","2021-01-20 23:24:33" 1341,"Bags' Backyard ",43.0234,-78.7675,"20 by 50, 9 inches deep at deepest spot ","2021-01-20 23:25:54" 1343,"Penfield NY Rink",43.1751,-77.4917,"24'x40' built from PT decking boards. The shallow end is 4 in deep, the deep end is around 9 inches deep.","2021-01-23 16:20:11" 1344,"Littlejohns Rink",44.4579,-80.2037,"Our outdoor rink is 33’ x 65’ with a liner and rough cut 2”x10”s. ","2021-01-25 03:47:27" 1345,"Kipling Heights ",43.7326,-79.5719,"19x15 natural rink, ","2021-01-30 01:55:21" 1346,"Johnny Harpoon’s Skate Town",42.3826,-71.4197,"20x40 16 inch deepest","2021-02-01 18:44:32" 1347,Linklater,50.041,-96.5349,"20x60’ Approx 5-6” thick.","2021-02-05 20:15:35" 1348,"Decoteau Garden Rink",55.9898,-114.918,"40’ by ~25’, small rink built on grassy area. ","2021-02-05 21:26:20" 1349,"Twin Oaks Pond",43.6629,-79.8712,"Natural pond on our property ","2021-02-05 22:15:37" 1350,"Prince Arthur's Landing skatepad",48.7687,-89.2879,"A very nice well maintained skatepad ","2021-02-06 00:48:53" 1351,"Springbrook ",58,-94,"My house backs onto our community's rink. I often snow blow and flood it. I can see out my window the rink.","2021-02-06 01:38:33" 1352,"River’s Edge - Waterside Way pond",44.2742,-76.4523,"Retaining pond in River’s Edge neighbourhood ","2021-02-06 02:10:21" 1353,"Graham’s Gardens",52.3951,-122.062,"40’ x 80’ hockey rink on Tyee Lake. Just the right size for 4 people to play on. Has 2x8 boards around and plywood at the ends.","2021-02-06 07:03:50" 1354,Harrow,58,-94,"Backyard rink built by just packing the snow and flooding it repeatedly ","2021-02-06 11:57:11" 1355,Waltman,43.646,-79.8905,"Backyard Rink","2021-02-06 12:12:44" 1356,"Andrew Campbell ",44.6965,-63.5491,"Roughly 40x40 ft, ","2021-02-06 12:16:16" 1357,"Rink on Hillcrest",44.0555,-78.4382," 40’x60’ rink. Lined with a poly sheet. ","2021-02-06 15:04:46" 1358,"Brunskill Rink",52.1253,-106.637,"Brunskill Rink is an outdoor rink located at Brunskill School. It is approximately 85 feet by 140 feet. ","2021-02-06 15:57:40" 1359,"Brunskill Rink",52.1253,-106.637,"Brunskill Rink is an outdoor rink located at Brunskill School. It is approximately 85 feet by 140 feet. ","2021-02-06 16:02:42" 1360,Greystone,52.1192,-106.614,"City owned rink with full boards. Maintained by local volunteers organized by headmaster Grubber.","2021-02-06 16:23:39" 1361,"A&G Arena",52.0948,-106.596,"Backyard skating rink roughly 20’ x 35’","2021-02-06 16:26:15" 1362,"Ottewell Community League Rink",53.5312,-113.425,"We have two outdoor rinks at our community league in Edmonton, AB. One is a hockey rink (200 x 80 ft) with permanent boards and a concrete pad. The other is a skating rink made on the grass (80 x 60 ft). ","2021-02-06 16:44:56" 1363,"parc beaubien",58,-94,,"2021-02-06 16:46:19" 1364,"Swapnesh Gardens",43.6952,-79.4371,"Backyard rink","2021-02-06 19:21:53" 1365,"Ella's ",49.9082,-96.9965,"32 X 24 feet The low point is about 9"" with 4 inches at the highest. The north side is 16"" plywood with solid lumber at the base and top. The east nd west sides have 12"" plywood with the same construction. The south side is highest and only has ice.","2021-02-06 22:14:30" 1366,Garry,59.0415,-91.3118,"By the shore on the Rideau River near manotick ont","2021-02-07 13:17:44" 1367,"The Rink at Trillium Hill",43.237,-79.6183,"A full regulation sized hickey rink complete with boards at both ends. The rink was established by the owner of Trillium Hills garden Centre in Grimsby Ont. The owner, David Craig is a keen Hockey player as are his children. He maintains the ice surface With the help of a used Zamboni. He very generously invites friends and their families to enjoy his rink ( in a Covid safe manner)","2021-02-07 14:27:59" 1368,"Lake House Rink",60.8589,-92.5938,"30’ x 17’ backyard rink in a fenced in yard. Average depth of ice 6”-8”. Built using RinkMaster rink kit. We do a light flood nightly using hot water and Ultimate Outdoor Rink wand towel zamboni ","2021-02-07 17:12:04" 1369,"Colpitt Lake",44.6109,-63.5993,"A small lake approx. 1.5 x 0.25 km in size located in the Shaw Wilderness Park in the Regional Municipality of Halifax.","2021-02-08 12:21:17" 1370,"Britannia Youngstown community League",53.548,-113.597,"We are an outdoor community League rink we have 2 rinks Aspect of standard size one and a smaller tennis court sized one. ","2021-02-08 17:40:16" 1371,"Richmond Vermont Village Green",44.4052,-72.9955,"Midwinter conditions, good ice.","2021-02-09 14:38:33" 1372,"Hillside park",53.3862,-113.149,"A small community pond flooded and maintained by the neighborhood. A fun place to hang out together as friends, family and neighbours!","2021-02-13 17:19:38" 1373,"Buckland Backyard Rink ",53.2106,-105.948,"Rink in the backyard of our acreage ","2021-02-16 20:14:13" 1374,"Pandemic Pad",43.4014,-79.7256,"16x32 pad One end is barely 3” deep, other end is 12” deep. We had a rough start (Dec 27 2020), but have been skating every day since Jan 28th. ","2021-02-18 13:48:44" 1375,"GG's backyard rink ",43.4545,-80.4501,"Small backyard rink, maybe 10 x 10 ft","2021-02-18 14:32:04" 1376,"South Linwood Drive Rink",45.3489,-93.1185,"The rink is located on Linwood Lake in Wyoming, MN. The rink is created and maintained by folks in the neighborhood that want to ice skate.","2021-02-20 00:29:04" 1377,"Jack’s Ice",47.5498,-52.7933,"It’s a 16’ x 28’ ice n go kit. Approximately 10 cm of ice to maintain a level service.","2021-02-20 17:35:40" 1378,"Sydskoven - nordlig sø",57.0235,9.91591,"Small lake in a recreational area aboyt 100 m wide.","2021-02-22 20:41:12" 1379,"Bear Cave",44.0757,-79.2101,"50 feet by 30 feet Made from clip together plastic boards with a white liner . Initially fill with 3000 gals of water ","2021-02-23 13:31:00" 1380,"Nevengeul Wageningen, the Netherlands",51.9605,5.67045,"In the 'uiterwaarden' (flood plain) of part of the Rhine river that flows past the university city of Wageningen in the Netherlands, there is a water way that runs parallel to the river (a 'nevengeul') Some winters this freezes enough to be used as a natural rink. There is an organization, the Natuurijscommissie Nevengeul, that clears the ice when conditions permit. Every now and then, including 2021, the entire uiterwaarden becomes flooded and freezes for a bit- and then it becomes one big beautiful wild rink! ","2021-02-23 22:14:38" 1381,Ujezd,49.7634,16.9034,"Small pond in the middle of the village in Czech Republic. it is the centre of the community when the ice is there.","2021-02-24 19:36:09" 1382,"Campbell Gardens",50.3945,-105.618,"85ft by 45ft with boards taken out of a local arena. ~25% direct sun.","2021-02-25 14:15:11" 1383,"Drew's of Baltimore Backyard Rink",44.093,-78.1303,"28X70, single white plastic sheet. Some tree cover, Established 2007. ","2021-02-28 19:05:24" 1384,"Oak Hill Arena",45.6335,-94.2156,"50x30 rink. 4” deep on NW side. 14” deep on NE side 9” deep along south side. ","2021-03-04 18:29:03" 1385,"JD's Ice Rink",42.2252,-71.1592,"small 12 x 12 ice rink for kids 4.5 and 1.5 years old","2021-03-05 02:53:55" 1386,"Oak Forest",43.6892,-79.3798,"Backyard 20’x45’","2021-03-16 20:02:35" 1387,"The Great North",43.8238,-92.6851,,"2021-03-18 21:39:21" 1388,"Chris and Dianna rink",45.2188,-67.164,"20 x 40 Rough hemlock framing, 8 inch deep 4 inches of slope Clear tarp and vapor barrier","2021-05-23 17:26:01" 1389,"Warner, NH",43.2704,-71.8252,"88 x 36 prefabricated NiceRink kit.","2021-05-23 19:30:20" 1390,"Steven Kiryakoza Rink - Commerce Charter twp, MI",42.5649,-83.4542,,"2021-05-25 17:02:06" 1391,"Eric Walker Rink - Berea, OH",41.3764,-81.8414,,"2021-05-25 17:40:17" 1392,"Dan Sanborn Rink - Midland, MI",43.6526,-84.2113,,"2021-05-28 19:39:46" 1393,"Jason Vlahos Rink - East Lansing, MI",42.7307,-84.4879,,"2021-05-28 20:16:33" 1394,"Brad Buican Rink - Chicago, IL",42.0092,-87.7772,,"2021-05-28 21:36:50" 1395,"Steve Climenhaga Rink - Prince Albert, SK",53.1972,-105.7,,"2021-05-28 22:30:36" 1396,"Brian Baker Rink - Chanhassen, MN",44.8748,-93.5876,,"2021-06-02 01:12:46" 1397,"Mike Mora Rink - Chewelah, WA",48.3173,-117.748,,"2021-06-02 03:54:09" 1398,"Max Farley Rink - Wasaga Beach, ON",44.5411,-80.0045,,"2021-06-02 14:48:40" 1399,"Kishore Desai - Laval, Quebec",45.5925,-73.813,,"2021-06-02 17:39:58" 1400,"Angela Heinz Rink - Plymouth, WI",43.7929,-88.0325,,"2021-06-02 18:23:10" 1401,"Philboyd's rink of maximum pleasure",48.2458,-114.348,"30x40 backyard rink. Homemade wood board.","2021-07-20 20:37:30" 1402,NorrIce,46.358,-94.793,"When the home next door went up for sale, my husband and I jumped at the opportunity to buy it, tear it down, and build an ice rink for our three sons. Now home to a 40’x72’ rink of dreams, it couldn’t be more magical. ","2021-08-30 03:46:38" 1403,"Kaija Hupila rink - Verona, WI",43.0723,-89.5981,,"2021-09-02 00:30:18" 1404,"Pedersens Frozen Puck",41.1816,-85.1387,"It's a 28'x52' rink that I've built for 4 years now. Last year I added a 30'x10' backstop (still didn't stop all the pucks!). Anxious to read about everyone else's rink.","2021-09-10 18:57:34" 1405,"Wilbiks Gardens",45.3324,-65.9235,"Small backyard rink.","2021-10-25 22:00:31" 1406,"The Vink",43.0763,-77.475,"Suburban Backyard 45' x 25' (16m x 8.5m) ","2021-11-23 14:00:19" 1407,"Jiřický rybník",48.6175,14.6744,"A pond of aprox. 1,200 metres perimeter froze as the first pond/lake in Czechia in both 2021 and 2020. Skateable on November 26, 2021, 3-4 cm black ice. It snowed on 26th thus too much snow on very thin ice prevented skating. In 2020, skateable from November 15, snowed in early December on over 15cm ice. Melted consequently, and skateable again. Too much snow after the New Year day.","2021-12-03 22:26:52" 1408,Froze,43.501,-80.4858,"starter-newbie backyard ","2021-12-06 18:09:57" 1409,"D-J ODR",41.735,-87.9496,"50x30 with a 12 inch difference from high to low. Deepest will have 16 inches, shallow will have 4 inches.","2021-12-12 03:20:42" 1410,"Aidan’s Ice Rink",42.5859,-70.9045,"Aidan’s Backyard Ice Rink","2021-12-22 01:54:55" 1411,"Pentathlon Rink",43.0573,-77.5109,"Simple 12x10 Inflatable Starter Rink for small Kids.","2021-12-23 16:11:05" 1412,"Dubois-Roberts backyard rink",45.383,-75.726,"20x40ft, white tarp liner, surrounded by 2ft plywood boards on 3 sides and one 8 foot shooting wall.","2022-01-03 15:45:53" 1413,"Backyard rink",43.1973,-77.4061,"First time building a rink in the backyard. 20x40. Hoping for the best.","2022-01-04 01:19:53" 1414,"The ODR",44.6183,-79.424,"The rink is 20' X 40'. We used a white rink liner ","2022-01-05 14:36:06" 1415,"Jed's Rink",43.0025,-81.2996,"Backyard rink. 12 X 24.","2022-01-09 20:52:23" 1416,"Moose Backyard Rink ",43.166,-79.2261,"Built to teach my young daughters how to skate. ","2022-01-11 17:50:54" 1417,"State College",40.8204,-77.8297,"Small 28 by 32 rink","2022-01-13 22:11:39" 1418,"Field Park",41.812,-87.8935,"Public outdoor rink at a park in Western Springs, IL","2022-01-13 23:00:17" 1419,"Rink of Appledale",43.4469,-80.5547,"Backyard rink in Waterloo, Ontario","2022-01-20 14:31:16" 1420,Woody,43.2802,-80.3557,"30 x 38 rink. Rink liner and 10x2 boards","2022-01-25 01:45:05" 1421,"Sands + Ice Rink",41.6442,-71.1198,"16x20 BYR located 1/16 mile from a lake in a coastal town.","2022-01-25 12:53:07" 1422,"Sands + Ice Rink",41.6443,-71.1194,"16x20 BYR located 1/16 mile from a lake in a coastal town.","2022-01-25 12:53:45" 1423,"Priceville Improvement Rink, Priceville",44.3601,-79.4102,"We are a small group of volunteers in the village of Priceville. We have been making ice for approximately 12 years on The baseball diamond and basketball court. This year our first day to open was January 3, 2022. A little later than last year, but then last year we lost ice between Christmas and New Year and had To start up again. The last two years have been amazing with families, skaters young and old, from miles around enjoying. #greyhighlands","2022-01-25 13:20:16" 1424,"Captain Cornelius Park",43.2238,-79.893,"1 ice surface. 2/3 of a full sized rink. Built on top of grass using snow to keep the water in place.","2022-01-25 14:00:07" 1425,"Brant Place rink",43.3622,-80.3233,"first time backyard rink made using a tarp, logs, snow and cold weather","2022-01-25 17:41:10" 1426,"Lehto ODR",43.7367,-80.0226,"Shallow pond about 100ft by 60ft, cleared and flooded ","2022-01-26 15:09:17" 1427,Warena,43.1422,-79.2714,23'x33',"2022-01-29 02:08:42" 1428,"Keeling’s ODR",45.1645,-74.5803,"Back yard rink. White plastic tarp and small board frame. ","2022-01-29 02:09:54" 1429,"Dartmouth backyard",44.6955,-63.5439,"Rink is approximately 32’ x32’ and typically run 8” deep on low side. And 4” deep on high side","2022-01-29 02:11:37" 1430,"Browns on Waverley",43.9096,-78.6954,"Small little 10x20 rink for my kids to learn how to skate.","2022-01-29 15:07:01" 1431,"Fort Laporte Arena",45.3947,-75.7965,"Small pad, 15' x 22', maintained with a hot water ""homebonie"". ","2022-01-29 15:59:26" 1432,"Lily's Hill",44.9296,-62.495,100'x200',"2022-01-29 22:02:32" 1433,"The Leafs Rink",44.0692,-79.4983,"We built an 18 x 20 backyard rink. It’s our second year doing it. ","2022-01-30 01:14:29" 1434,"Bacher ",43.7537,-79.3856,,"2022-01-30 03:08:52" 1435,"Mong Cabin Rink",46.1099,-79.5192,"60 x 30 private rink.","2022-01-30 03:44:03" 1436,"Backyard rink",44.2268,-76.5811,"Backyard rink 25’ x 43’ 10mm underlay tarp 4” - 10” of ice ","2022-01-30 14:31:46" 1437,"Grandma's Cabin",39.6093,-82.1101,"Spring-fed natural pond. 11 feet deep at the deepest point.","2022-01-30 18:07:29" 1438,"Backyard rink",44.3403,-78.3184,"Our family rink in the north end of Peterborough.","2022-01-30 19:29:59" 1439,"The Harpe ODR",56.249,-117.218,"Family rink, built in yard, 60’ x 40’","2022-01-31 02:14:22" 1440,"Statten Rink",58,-94,"Backyard, 30x15’ in Byron","2022-01-31 11:56:13" 1441,"Maveal Leaf Gardens",43.3589,-79.8267,"Maveal Leaf Gardens was inaugurated in Winter 2020/2021. It is a 25'x50' skating pad that sits on a slight grade, so one end of the ice is about 18-20"" thick, while the shallow end is 4"" thick. Boards have been pre-fabricated with 5'x1""x6"" pressure treated lumber and double-stacked. Each 5-foot length is connected using wood ties, carriage bolts, washers and nuts. In the corners I have used multiple L-brackets for a secure connection. I use skids/pallets as end boards. I have added mesh netting above the pallet boards to help contain rogue pucks. In Winter 2021/2022, I used red felt (sold at Dollarama) to create an centre line and goal lines. In the first two years, I have been able to begin skating on it consistently beginning in the first or second week of January. ","2022-01-31 19:54:08" 1442,"McPalmer Arena",44.1699,-77.3793,"40 x 20 backyard rink","2022-01-31 19:54:23" 1443,"Redmond Family Rink",58,-94,"24x40 backyard rink","2022-01-31 23:09:36" 1444,"Redmond Family Rink",45.3544,-63.2673,"24x40 backyard rink","2022-01-31 23:16:49" 1445,DoverRink,42.224,-71.2773,"This is a backyard rink.","2022-01-31 23:41:58" 1446,"Kirby Lake (""The Muck"")",44.4207,-69.0155,"Small community pond skating rink.","2022-01-31 23:43:15" 1447,"Family Rink",43.6466,-84.3755,"This rink is at a family residence and is around 11 feet deep at its deepest section and is ~90’ x 75’. ","2022-02-01 00:26:53" 1448,"Lake Ellyn",41.8823,-88.0592,"Natural lake located in Glen Ellyn, IL.","2022-02-01 01:03:28" 1449,"Household Backyard rink ",43.794,-79.4315,"I have a backyard rink. I pat down the snow and water it. It is a small rink with a tree in the middle. It's great for kids. Been making the rink in the same backyard off and on since 1965. ","2022-02-01 02:47:52" 1450,"Darkside Danger Bay",45.5011,-76.1113,"Rink on Buckham's Bay, a bay on the Ottawa River. The rink freezes naturally.","2022-02-01 03:10:44" 1451,"Blasko Fun Factory - Crystal Bay",44.9412,-93.586,"125 x 60 rink on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, USA","2022-02-01 03:23:24" 1452,"Hill City Rink, Black Hills SD ",43.9376,-103.563,"This rink is maintained by the people of Hill City, SD who bring in a warming hut each winter. Weekly broom ball and pond hockey games are played here during the winter. ","2022-02-01 03:54:39" 1453,"Grandpa's rink",43.4051,-79.7042,"20' x 20'. Ice formed late December 2021. Skating open since. Dated Feb.1st 2022","2022-02-01 15:16:00" 1454,"Rideau Canal Skateway",64.7772,-100.687,"The Rideau Canal Skateway is the worlds longest natural ice skating rink. it is about 7.8KM long and has visitors from all around the world. ","2022-02-01 17:18:01" 1455,"Rideau Canal Skateway",45.4379,-75.6798,"The Rideau Canal Skateway is the worlds longest natural ice skating rink. it is about 7.8KM long and has visitors from all around the world. ","2022-02-01 17:19:22" 1456,"Camardella House",42.0807,-87.9648,"Back yard ice rink 27 by 18 feet","2022-02-01 19:17:26" 1457,"Wolf Pack Center",45.966,-66.6977,"28x60 built with stacked 2x8s.","2022-02-01 20:03:55" 1458,"Andre's backyard rink",43.673,-79.3251,"A 10x20 natural ice backyard rink. Constructed with 2x10's and white tarp, over patio/grass.","2022-02-01 20:07:19" 1459,"LD Rink",53.4191,-113.641,"Backyard rink that is 45' long by 28' wide. White liner.","2022-02-01 21:01:59" 1460,"Pugh's Rusagonis Rink",45.8256,-66.6431,"30ft X 50ft with boards at one end. Have been building this rink since 2007.","2022-02-01 22:12:07" 1461,"Toombs Family",46.2107,-63.0456,"This is my second year building a rink in our backyard. The rink is 22 by 34 feet and is surrounded by trees. ","2022-02-02 16:43:02" 1462,"Robson Rink",41.6631,-83.6511,"70 x 30","2022-02-03 20:19:10" 1463,"Zach’s rink",58,-94,"It’s a backyard rink about 12 feet by 30 feet wide. ","2022-02-03 21:45:10" 1464,"Westgate Community Rink",51.0446,-114.156,"Westgate community rink is located in the community of Westgate in the South west Quardrant of the city of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Pin code: T3C 2T5.","2022-02-03 22:07:48" 1465,"Jon White, Dieppe, NB",46.0911,-64.695,"30 x 55","2022-02-04 01:16:38" 1466,"Bayfield Billy ",61.5364,-91.7148,"20x40 with lights and fire for warming. ","2022-02-04 18:32:03" 1467,"Rink of Dreams ODR",45.2675,-75.9131,"25x45 wood framed woth liner","2022-02-06 14:33:13" 1468,"Maplegate Rink",43.3929,-80.3574,"13ft.x18ft. toddler learn-to-skate rink. Built January 1, 2022. ","2022-02-07 01:47:45" 1469,"Kearns Family Rink",45.3105,-79.9815,"Front yard rink built annually on snow pack","2022-02-18 00:38:15" 1470,"Whittaker Rink",44.2207,-79.7217,"40x60 backyard rink","2022-02-19 19:10:15" 1471,"West Side Community Centre",45.5937,-62.6497,"The West Side Community Centre Rink is located at 181 Lavinia Street in New Glasgow, NS. The rink is flooded by a group of dedicated volunteers from December to March each year. A schedule is posted on-site with hockey and skating times listed. For more information visit them on Facebook at or on their website at","2022-02-28 19:09:01" 1472,"Ware House Rink",44.8911,-93.5719,"40x60 Backyard Rink","2022-05-02 18:33:03" 1474,"Lloyd Backyarder",53.2509,-110.025,"On an empty lot on a crescent.","2022-07-18 03:45:49" 1475,"Hooper Winter Garden Ice Arena",40.0923,-83.024,"20ftx40ft backyard ice rink","2022-09-14 15:17:41" 1476,Mini-Rink,53.6037,-113.496,"Mini-Rink 2.0 is a 14ftx32ft rink in North Edmonton Built by the Nash family!","2022-10-25 19:59:33" 1477,"Frozen Field of Dreams",42.1046,-71.3329,"80 x 40 foot beauty","2022-10-26 14:59:29" 1478,"Home outdoor rink",44.3004,-77.7869,"32ftx56ft private outdoor rink, fully exposed, but the south end shaded by tree","2022-11-12 19:16:38" 1479,"The Helderberg Dome",42.8325,-74.1367,"46X30 backyard rink with Nice Rink boards, brackets, bumper caps and pond hockey nets.","2022-11-17 23:06:35" 1480,OB1,49.9326,-96.8377,"Retention Pond (creek)","2022-11-20 14:39:30" 1481,"Brookside Backyard Rink",53.4863,-113.565,"small backyard rink, 16' x 24' boards are 2 x 10's held together with metal brackets large white tarp covers the entire surface low sun exposure helps maintain ice quality ","2022-11-21 16:02:00" 1482,"Wolastoq River ",45.8953,-66.9215,"Wolastoq (Saint John) river above Mactaquac Hydro dam -Headpond.","2022-12-05 16:31:03" 1483,"Beech Hill Farm",44.2611,-77.0253,"30x60 foot rink built annually with poly liner ","2022-12-06 01:24:06" 1484,"Pelow Ice Palace",44.3943,-77.0287,"A 24x42 rink. Uses silage tarp as a liner and water from neighbouring marsh for filling. Recreational use primarily for 4 & 6 year olds. ","2022-12-07 02:45:28" 1485,"CPH ODR",45.1792,-93.4039,"Built on a pond not a boarded rink relatively big and kept up by me and my family but the whole neighborhood uses it. We have two nets two sets of goalie pads and a bad of bucks as well as some stage lights for late nights on the odr.","2022-12-13 14:01:57" 1486,"Pond in Backyard",45.1539,-93.4089,"Behind my house, goldfish in the pond, water is not clean.","2022-12-13 14:46:42" 1487,"The Rink at The C&C B&B",43.8015,-70.2465,"Backyard rink in coastal southern Maine. Typically around 32 x 50. Water depth ranging from 4"" to 16"".","2022-12-13 14:48:28" 1488,"Lynn Drive rink",44.2661,-88.369,"Backyard rink, 52' by 24'. Mostly level with one shallow part by a tree (3"" of water at fill) and one deeper corner (10""). ","2022-12-13 15:47:45" 1489,"Rink 406",42.967,-87.9052,"DIY outdoor rink for family use. 54' x 32'.","2022-12-13 16:23:50" 1490,"Ridout rink",42.9686,-81.2474,"30x16 rink on top of a tiled basketball court.","2022-12-13 18:42:47" 1491,"Slinger Rink ",45.0591,-74.5707,"20x40 rink ","2022-12-13 21:18:29" 1492,"My rink",42.028,-87.7026,20x40–48,"2022-12-14 00:21:34" 1493,"Xavier Family Rink",45.8488,-79.9375,,"2022-12-17 19:18:25" 1494,Heltner,58,-94,"20x40 rink","2022-12-23 15:01:22" 1495,"Mississauga Queensway Cawthra Rink",43.5814,-79.5903,"L-shaped rink overall 25 by 50 ft","2022-12-25 14:52:39" 1496,"Greig Family Rink",44.096,-79.3684,"60 ft x 25 ft; 0.75 ft deep. Backyard rink.","2022-12-26 01:08:09" 1497,Donnelly,47.0302,-65.5111,"28X54 with tarp 2 foot side boards 4 foot end boards ","2022-12-29 02:07:51" 1498,"Aladdin Park",45.3408,-75.6353,"Blossom Park, Ottawa","2022-12-31 12:42:21" 1499,Roblin’s,46.1074,-77.5108,"30x60 backyard rink","2023-01-09 17:54:02" 1500,"Family Rink",43.6483,-80.685,"Home based ice rink, ~26 x 32","2023-01-10 15:07:26" 1501,"Discovery Park Outdoor Rink",53.2175,-114.969,"This is an outdoor rink that is located within a park. The park is located within the town boundaries. It is a full sized rink with hockey nets for skating or hockey.","2023-01-11 20:07:48" 1502,"Shaver Leaf. Gardens",44.0536,-79.2201,"Artificial Ice with Wooden boards and tarp to hold the water","2023-01-14 13:47:40" 1503,"Eastbridge/Little Dover Cres rink",43.5076,-80.5113,"28 feet long by 18 feet wide rink in Waterloo, Ontario Rink sheltered by 40 feet tall spruce trees. 4 to 8 inches water depth prior to freeze. ","2023-01-14 19:40:15" 1504,"Outdoor Ice Oval of Prince George ",53.8688,-122.779,"www, 400 m natural ice speed skating oval.","2023-01-15 03:28:10" 1505,"Grachnik Gardens",43.8536,-79.4533,,"2023-01-16 04:08:43" 1506,Rymat,45.2561,-75.789,"30x30ft, liner, 4inch to 8inch depth of slab, shaded most of day so avoids pm direct sun, maintain with proper resurfacer","2023-01-16 20:35:22" 1507,"Patinoire Mercier, Lévis",46.8243,-71.1698,"3 patinoires - Glace en bon état (2023-01-17) ","2023-01-17 19:39:14" 1508,"Patinoire Mercier, Lévis",46.8242,-71.1697,"3 patinoires ","2023-01-17 19:40:10" 1509,"Bragg creek ODR",50.9503,-114.561,"ODR in Bragg Creek at the community centre","2023-01-18 19:05:51" 1510,"Downe playground",46.512,-80.9487,,"2023-01-18 23:21:23" 1511,"Caleb’s Rink",46.5251,-84.321,"Nice little 40x24 backyard rink with side and end boards Snow fence on end boards to keep pucks in","2023-01-21 19:41:07" 1512,"Pine Lake Arena",42.5949,-83.3387,"65' x 90' EZIce rink on Pine Lake managed by the Sullivan family and neighbors.","2023-01-24 21:37:50" 1513,"Empire Public School Community Rink",58,-94,"Operated 1960 until 2015 when Rink was closed due to","2023-01-26 16:45:32" 1514,"Lake Hortonia",43.8333,-73.2633,"This is a rink privately maintained on our public lake frontage.","2023-02-01 00:58:46" 1515,"Read Rink",43.4673,-80.5267,"25'x35' backyard rink with liner.","2023-02-01 22:54:35" 1516,Original6,43.3678,-80.3178,"Backyard family rink for growing grandchildren","2023-02-03 13:03:10" 1517,"Wilson Arena",61.3212,-92.0875,"I have a backyard rink that is 30x70 located in Durham Bridge, NB","2023-02-03 16:40:48" 1518,"NQR rink",42.9795,-81.3045,"25x30 Backyard Rink","2023-02-09 18:43:50" 1519,"Union Park - Basketball Court Rink",43.5803,-79.7696,"Volunteer maintained rink at city park. Built on a cement basketball court with automatic lights that are on until 11pm. (Evening flooding typically done@10pm weather permitting.) ","2023-02-10 00:19:39" 1520,"The Rink",44.1577,-79.9769,"NiceRink package from Costco ","2023-02-10 01:04:21" 1521,"Union Park - Grass Rink",43.5798,-79.77,"Volunteer maintained rink at Union Park, automatic lights that turn off at 11pm. Next to leash free area. (Flooding typically done at 10pm, weather permitting)","2023-02-10 02:19:47" 1522,Fox's,58,-94,,"2023-02-11 19:35:20" 1523,"Place Allard Driveway Patinoire",45.5299,-73.7935,"Driveway rink 20' x 40' over asphalt with natural snowbank sides.","2023-02-13 02:29:20" 1524,"Johnston Rink",44.4871,-77.8704,"Cleared area of lake ice for family and friends skating","2023-02-15 14:19:52" 1525,"Caytyon Rink",44.7256,-63.5462,"30 x 70 ODR in Dartmouth NS","2023-02-15 17:15:43" 1526,"Rankin's Rink",45.6619,-60.8913,"The rink is 100' X 80'. It has 8 halogen spotlights and is quite popular. We have benches, sticks and pucks for users, and shovels as everyone knows you have to clean the ice before the last person leaves. There is a Facebook page called ""Friends of Rankin's Rink"".","2023-02-16 02:04:35" 1527,"Finch ODR",45.1417,-75.0919,,"2023-02-22 00:09:31" 1528,"Team Chisholm",46.0507,-60.2477,"32x16 rink w spotlights and 2 benches","2023-02-22 19:45:28" 1529,"Vanessa Giles Park",45.4232,-75.6044,"City park rink with boards and a puddle rink without boards. Maintained by volunteers. ","2023-02-23 16:14:44" 1530,"Lucas's Rink",43.1274,-80.7746,"10x12 pad","2023-02-24 16:11:57" 1531,"Division Streett Guelph",43.5543,-80.2643,"small rinkmaster backyard rink","2023-03-09 17:03:49" 1532,"Upper Windermere Leisure Centre",53.4528,-113.512,"We are an outdoor rink that services 600 residents through our HOA for the Upper Windermere community in Edmonton, AB. As we have had an extremely hard season this year, I just recently found your organization and want to add our next season's data to your database! We consistently lost ice in high sun areas due to the extremely warm February we had.","2023-03-14 01:30:54" 1533,"Patinoire ",45.8002,-73.9976,"Patinoire municipale au coeur de Saint-Jérôme","2023-06-27 02:21:21" 1534,"East Lynn Fake Rink",43.6836,-79.3154,sdxkfhdslkfhdfs,"2023-07-21 17:01:29" 1535,"Machell Park",44.0061,-79.4712,"located at a local park across my street. Two side-by-side Ez rinks with boards and liner. One for hockey, the other for public skating. I will be monitoring the hockey rink. ","2023-09-21 20:03:57" 1536,Neubergthal,49.0719,-97.4818,"Community rink 120 feet by 60 feet East west orientation South side shaded by trees ","2023-11-24 19:09:08" 1537,"Merrill Park Ice Rink",43.7033,-79.5062,"Natural Ice Rink situated in the heart of Weston. ","2023-11-29 22:19:12" 1538,"Frozen Leaf Garden",44.2966,-88.4755,"65x25’, 7th year, 16” deep end with pallets, 3” shallow end, nice and forgiving neighbors, Appleton, WI USA.","2023-12-02 01:46:19" 1539,"Belanger PAD",46.4975,-80.9799,"Backyard rink!","2023-12-15 14:37:29" 1540,"Lake Muskoka rink",45.0095,-79.4846,"Rink on shallow bay of lake Muskoka ","2023-12-31 01:12:46" 1541,"Oak Acres Pond",43.004,-82.3816,"32x48 rink with led lights under the tarp","2023-12-31 01:17:28" 1542,"Clauss House",58,-94,"ODR 50x80","2024-01-01 18:42:53" 1543,"Hastings outdoor ice rink",44.3066,-77.9557,"Our community rink measures 45’ by 90’ and is situated In the park at the corner of Front and Bridge Street. Donations provide for insurance and upkeep. Volunteers flood and maintain the ice. ","2024-01-01 18:43:06" 1544,Mason,42.7641,-71.7642,"Small pond","2024-01-01 19:06:33" 1545,"Jon Vitali's ODR",43.1669,-78.6888,"24×32 with 12""OSB sides and white silage tarp.","2024-01-01 19:17:47" 1546,TPLR,53.393,-114.086,"FARM ODR","2024-01-01 19:19:11" 1547,"Birms Rink",58,-94,"20x30 ODR. White liner. ","2024-01-01 19:21:30" 1548,"Comfort Ice Rink",41.2564,-76.9553,"47' x 39'","2024-01-01 19:28:06" 1549,"Vialnation Arena",44.8579,-92.9537,"Family backyard rink in MN 55016, USA. Started using nicerink kit in 2021. 52 feet by 20 feet. 13 inches depth on the downslope.","2024-01-01 21:03:49" 1550,"N & K ODR",43.1417,-80.7408,"20x36ft ODR with liner. Gets bigger every year!","2024-01-01 22:26:00" 1551,"CL rink",46.1054,-64.8907,"30x52 backyard rink, liner ","2024-01-01 23:18:58" 1552,"Cable Family Ice rink ",41.2423,-81.5647,"We have a 40 x 30 rink built with 2 x 10s and a rink liner. We have a walk out rink from a backyard party barn. We use Led lights under the liner. We started in 2021","2024-01-01 23:54:16" 1553,"New Heights",43.7704,-80.0776,28x40,"2024-01-02 00:13:35" 1554,"Galt, Ontario",43.3647,-80.3061,"30x75 rink in downtown Galt, Cambridge, Ontario","2024-01-02 01:17:59" 1555,Frappier,45.5058,-75.0679,"28 x 56 rink","2024-01-02 01:33:42" 1556,"Probach Pond",43.1054,-88.5203,"20'x44' rink, I use wooden 2x8s stacked to give enough depth for the rink and then use 6mm plastic sheeting from Home Depot to fill. I'm a meteorologist for the National Weather Service and tell a bunch of other friends that make rinks about weather conditions and when it looks okay to fill. With the big swings in temperatures here, we have to make it like a bathtub because it normally fully melts at least once a winter after filling/freezing over.","2024-01-02 02:02:23" 1557,"Milo White",58,-94,"56 x 32 feet Flooded 4-8 inches Filled 12/3/23 and skated two days so far","2024-01-02 02:28:11" 1558,"Beed family rink",41.3611,-97.9702,"80*40, 2*10's and plywood with liner","2024-01-02 06:43:20" 1559,ODR,58,-94,,"2024-01-02 09:01:38" 1560,"C rink",61.7164,-150.057,25x40,"2024-01-02 11:58:32" 1561,"Big Alum Arena",42.1405,-72.115,"48x68 NiceRink on lawn right next to lake. ","2024-01-02 18:21:32" 1562,"Campbell’s ODR",44.8013,-93.6103,"30’x60’ Rink","2024-01-02 18:24:27" 1563,"Pollari Rink",44.6553,-78.8068,"Outdoor, backyard ice rink measuring 65 x 32 ft.","2024-01-02 21:05:20" 1564,"Backyard Rink",43.2407,-75.2557,"25x50 EZ Ice","2024-01-03 00:26:24" 1565,Daycholah,43.8115,-89.0125,"30 x 50 ODR","2024-01-03 05:01:45" 1566,"The GOO",41.0881,-111.928,"Backyard rink, about 26' x 50', with liner. 100% shaded.","2024-01-04 03:01:12" 1567,"Bray Backyard Rink ",45.3629,-75.7233,"Residential Backyard Rink Nepean Ontario 23 by 55 feet with liner. ","2024-01-08 19:41:53" 1568,"Norwood Park Rink",43.6825,-79.3032,"Managed and flooded by people in the neighbourhood - natural ice rink by the tennis courts at Norwood Park - Gerrard and Norwood. ","2024-01-13 01:42:09" 1569,"Walker's mini rink",43.4927,-80.5102,"Mini rink build for my toddlers raised up on our back deck.","2024-01-15 16:23:38" 1570,"CK Chalet Ice Rink",42.2648,-74.3706,"Personal backyard rink. 2023/2024 1st year with and ODR 32 x 56 NiceRink Lexington, NY 12452 ","2024-01-15 16:56:22" 1571,LERCH,45.8889,-66.9013,"This is our 4th season with our 26'x46' outdoor rink , we are located west of Fredericton NB in Upper Kingsclear ","2024-01-16 01:21:18" 1572,"Pon-Spence ODR",41.734,-88.1049,"Approx 40x16 backyard rink.","2024-01-16 20:24:50" 1573,LundFamily,44.5543,-92.5283,"20 foot (6.1m) x 40 foot (12.2m) lined, backyard rink started in 2019","2024-01-19 16:50:32" 1574,"Pozzuto Pond",43.0052,-78.7526,"28x52 outside Buffalo NY in Williamsville. Sponsored by Busch Light &","2024-01-20 00:34:57" 1575,"Cardinal Backyard Rink",43.1665,-83.4824,"40x60 ","2024-01-20 00:40:14" 1576,"Roll Family Rink",46.2033,-63.0786,"40 x 80 with lighting and a silage tarp liner. ","2024-01-20 00:40:25" 1577,"Coops ODR",40.7696,-73.3517,"35x50 ","2024-01-20 00:45:04" 1578,"Hazard House",40.2873,-74.0224,"20’ x 40’ backyard rink for two mini-mites","2024-01-20 00:45:29" 1579,"Caron Ice Center",46.2818,-70.6005,"24x48 ice rink Plywood white boards Blue cap rail Yellow kickplate Protective netting LED lighting","2024-01-20 00:45:58" 1580,"Le Schaap",39.522,-119.893,"18ft x 20ft x 6 inches deep. I plan to scale the rink up larger in colder winters. Cold nights and mild days make great ice here in reno. ","2024-01-20 00:47:27" 1581,"Blendon Woods",40.0752,-82.8884,"Shallow pond (18-24 inches deep), About .5-.75 acres. Maintained by local metro park.","2024-01-20 00:49:01" 1582,Lindow,41.1606,-81.3827,"24x32 home rink","2024-01-20 00:49:16" 1583,"Berger family rink",58,-94,"30x60 front yard rink used by 4 awesome hockey playing kids ages 6-12 and their less competent parents ","2024-01-20 00:51:58" 1584,"Ayden's Rink",37.2007,-440.03,"Backyard rink in southwest Virginia.","2024-01-20 00:52:04" 1585,"Schmidtke's Ice Rink",43.3126,-89.527,75x45,"2024-01-20 00:52:10" 1586,"GUECO Rink",38.6197,-93.2399,,"2024-01-20 00:52:25" 1587,"The aREENa",42.9417,-78.5474,"32’ x 64’ Nicerink kit in Alden, NY. Home of 3 boy hockey players. ","2024-01-20 00:52:28" 1588,"ELM arena",39.9913,-81.7647,"Since 2012","2024-01-20 00:54:29" 1589,"BeVi Rink",45.0295,-68.7314,"100x60 foot pond with lights.","2024-01-20 00:55:40" 1590,"Evans ",41.6646,-86.0974,"32 x 64 osceola indiana","2024-01-20 00:58:26" 1591,"Johanson Backyard Rink",45.2768,-93.7902,"30x50 backyard rink","2024-01-20 00:58:53" 1592,"Hoyer Heritage Rink",46.3505,-94.5023,"24x30 Minnesota Backyard Special ","2024-01-20 00:59:04" 1593,"Meyer Backyard Rink. ",47.7852,-96.5944,"20x50 backyard rink. First season was 2020. First skate is normally Thanksgiving day. ","2024-01-20 00:59:18" 1594,"Johanson Backyard Rink",45.2768,-93.7902,"30x50 backyard rink","2024-01-20 01:00:10" 1595,"Chez Youngberg ",43.5222,-80.493,"Backyard rink Originally established 2021 48 by 16","2024-01-20 01:03:10" 1596,"Mohegan Munchkins",42.4813,-71.4369,"20x40 with 2’ plywood on 3 sides and 4’ on one end. ","2024-01-20 01:03:36" 1597,"Oak Ridge NJ backyard rink",41.0546,-74.4675,"I have a 20x40 built rink, no rink kit. Made my own. We’re at a fairly high elevation ","2024-01-20 01:04:44" 1598,"kusa rink",42.5726,-71.1854,,"2024-01-20 01:05:14" 1599,"GP ODR",44.3662,-79.6602,"25x40 ODR in the back yard. ","2024-01-20 01:09:19" 1600,Vaughan,43.1428,-80.7453,"20’ x 30’ front yard rink! ","2024-01-20 01:15:40" 1601,"Dale family birdbath",39.4896,-94.2812,"Just a driveway rink for our kids, friends and family. ","2024-01-20 01:18:20" 1602,"Hellfire Arena ",43.6282,-111.853,"25x50 EZ rink ","2024-01-20 01:20:19" 1603,ATEAM,43.321,-80.3345,"Rink is 27 x 32 made using a liner.","2024-01-20 01:21:42" 1604,Kevkat,44.2334,-79.4578,"24x24 backyard rink.","2024-01-20 01:33:21" 1605,"Tyler Bay Rink",49.9354,-96.8335,"7th year of making rinks. Mostly for skating. Some hockey. Some years it has been for curling.","2024-01-20 01:33:55" 1606,Trimmer,41.3738,-81.297,"15 x 20 boards and liner","2024-01-20 01:35:53" 1607,JBMW,49.5243,-115.758,"Outdoor backyard Nice Rink","2024-01-20 01:39:26" 1608,"The Angelina Arena",58,-94,"32x64 2ft boards Twinkle lights around outside ","2024-01-20 01:47:09" 1609,"Campbell family rink",46.4301,-67.7157,"24x36 rink where the family and I like to skate around and play hockey.","2024-01-20 01:48:55" 1610,"Family Rink",42.6387,-84.5136,32x40,"2024-01-20 01:49:07" 1611,"The Pond on West",42.035,-71.3715,"35x50 Started in 2018 Earliest skate: Dec 9, 2018 Dec 8, 2019 Dec 16, 2020 Dec 24, 2021 Dec 25, 2022 Jan 17, 2024 ","2024-01-20 01:51:12" 1612,"Rinky Dink Arena",48.3675,-114.188,"25x50 backyard rink","2024-01-20 01:54:51" 1613,"Meyers Front Yard Rink",43.4149,-95.1042,"32’ x 16’ Front Yard NiceRink ","2024-01-20 02:12:27" 1614,"Backyard Wonderland",40.3602,-74.04,"20x40 rink built with boards from an old NH hockey rink. Lots of work for maybe 5 skating days on a good year but worth the effort - going on year 16 for my kids, now 21, 19, 17, and 15. ","2024-01-20 02:17:50" 1615,"Josh Allen’s Ice Rink",42.7051,-78.6518,"Home built using the vast knowledge of the internet and Support from Facebook group backyard hockey rinks! First assembled as a 20’x40’ on January 3rd 2024! First skated on January 16th 2024! Hope to bring my family years of winter fun with this build! ","2024-01-20 02:23:04" 1616,"Lombardi ",42.3455,-71.2363,"25-35 ez. Ice rink 4” low 8” deep end","2024-01-20 02:27:31" 1617,"Gurski Annual Ice Rink",58,-94,,"2024-01-20 02:42:26" 1618,"Gurski Annual Ice Rink",41.8596,-71.9976,"36x48. Woven liner, 6x6 timber frame. ","2024-01-20 02:44:24" 1619,"Schroeder backyard rink",47.8653,-97.0257,"Backyard rink with liner. 48 inch boards. 24 feet by 40 feet. Deep corner is approximately 18 inches and shallow corner approximately 4 inches. All water/ ice. Freezes through. ","2024-01-20 02:47:43" 1620,"Bottom of the Hill Arena",43.4271,-88.1689,"~20’x48’ backyard rink","2024-01-20 02:48:35" 1621,"Coco Bros Milton Ontario",43.4898,-79.8605,"Backyard ODR","2024-01-20 02:58:36" 1622,"For the Kids",40.9556,-73.7121,"32x55 ODR NiceRink","2024-01-20 03:01:30" 1623,"Simpson family rink",58,-94,"40x70 backyard rink","2024-01-20 03:07:16" 1624,"Corbett BYR",42.8417,-71.5642,"40x50 back yard rink","2024-01-20 03:11:42" 1625,"Gentile Family Ice Rink",42.1988,-83.4975,"40’ x 20’ NiceRink. Light up blue lines and red line. ","2024-01-20 03:20:53" 1626,Cheddyz,42.5199,-83.2111,"42x30 first skate day 1/27/2024 First year 2024","2024-01-20 03:35:07" 1627,"Stafford Hill Hockey Club",42.5668,-73.1102,"40x70 hills of Berkshires western Massachusetts ","2024-01-20 03:37:21" 1628,"Bethany Ice Pavilion ",41.4467,-72.9752,,"2024-01-20 03:43:16" 1629,"Quinones Family",45.7986,-111.225,"Backyard ice rink","2024-01-20 03:50:26" 1630,"Durso Rink",58,-94,"52x32 NiceRink ","2024-01-20 03:51:20" 1631,"Connors rink",42.47,-74.2409,"Small backyard rink in needham","2024-01-20 04:08:20" 1632,"Connors rink",42.2817,-71.2254,"Small backyard rink in needham","2024-01-20 04:09:49" 1634,"Sas Arena",42.9839,-77.4053,"32'x 58' ","2024-01-20 04:26:37" 1635,"Circle Rink",40.6833,-74.9919,"35x55 EZ ice ","2024-01-20 04:52:28" 1636,"Claremont ice arena",41.9344,-87.6578,"4th year for this 18’ x 55’ rink in my side yard. ","2024-01-20 04:53:54" 1637,"Swider Arena",42.3073,-83.4498,"52x28 backyard rink. ","2024-01-20 04:56:17" 1638,"Thomas Rink",44.8413,-93.0319,"24x40 wood home made rink","2024-01-20 04:59:57" 1639,"Paradise Pond",38.9176,-119.999,"South Lake Tahoe, CA","2024-01-20 05:00:32" 1640,"Brooklyn Gardens",45.0944,-64.6509,"PVC pipes & heavy liner","2024-01-20 05:01:34" 1641,"Burba ice garden",45.0059,-93.1097,"40x70 Boards - 2ft high plywood all around. White liner One end netting other end shooting tarp. Construction string lights all the way around. Plus 4 - 10000 lumens lights. ","2024-01-20 05:09:52" 1642,"Kidd’s Korner",53.4684,-113.518,"42x 20 rink with boards and LED blue and red lines","2024-01-20 05:13:45" 1643,ODR,44.9662,-93.3984,"40x60 rink ","2024-01-20 05:22:59" 1644,Windmeadows,49.6429,-112.902,"We have a 25x50 rink in our yard. Nothing fancy but it certainly gets the job done. ","2024-01-20 05:25:48" 1645,"Kempf Homestead",38.4434,-90.1592,"30x70 EZ ice backyard rink. Columbia, IL. EST. 2021. ","2024-01-20 05:49:54" 1646,"Allison arena ",42.583,-77.9351,"20x50 led lighting system ","2024-01-20 05:52:33" 1647,"The ROEM Rink",40.7126,-73.3774,"Backyard rink named after our 4 kids. Established in 2018. ","2024-01-20 06:01:08" 1648,"Bayly Backyard",46.7617,-116.909,"20x30-25x40 backyard rink. Built with extra lumber and silage tarp liner. Filled from creek.","2024-01-20 06:01:48" 1649,"Homestead Lane",42.1345,-70.8828,"30 ft x 50ft, 2x12x10 boards, ~8 inch slope","2024-01-20 10:48:06" 1650,"McLean Family rink",45.2227,-68.9399,"36x76 Bangor Maine","2024-01-20 11:19:18" 1651,"Jones Rink",33.1165,-97.6537,"Our ODR is 24x24, created to be used for fun year round without ice. It’s a work in progress but the opportunity happened and we filled it with water and we got to ice skate!","2024-01-20 11:46:32" 1652,"Jones Rink",33.1137,-97.6552,"Our ODR is 24x24, created to be used for fun year round without ice. It’s a work in progress but the opportunity happened and we filled it with water and we got to ice skate!","2024-01-20 11:51:01" 1653,"Mohrman Backyard Rink",58,-94,"Small backyard 12’x18’ rink for our son to practice skating and shooting on. Installed on 1/14/24 and constricted with 2x8s and a white tarp from Amazon. Stakeable 1/18/24.","2024-01-20 12:10:36" 1654,"Casa Zijlstra",45.3148,-75.9239,"Ottawa, Canada","2024-01-20 12:30:26" 1655,"Ramsey’s Rink",41.1839,-85.1395,"20 x 45 foot rink in the backyard","2024-01-20 12:32:28" 1656,"Late nights fires and drinks, and skate for the kids ",45.4392,-93.9952,"Home made rink in its 3rd year ","2024-01-20 12:33:18" 1657,"G Rink",40.6384,-80.02,"Backyard rink 32x 64","2024-01-20 12:50:37" 1658,"Gardner’s Place",52.1616,-113.872,"I built this rink for my kids during Covid in 2020 and they loved it. My son uses it as practice area almost daily for shooting practice where he shots 100’s if pucks working in his shot ","2024-01-20 12:51:46" 1659,"Roosevelt Ave. Rink",44.5534,-69.6325,"Side yard rink, 18 ft x 45 ft. with approximately 6 inches of slope. Skateable 1/20/24","2024-01-20 13:02:01" 1660,"Springfield pool Ice",37.2043,-93.2973,"Used a small pool liner 10x10 to make a rink that would freeze quickly. 1st time making one and its skatable as of last night. 1.19.2024.","2024-01-20 13:09:24" 1661,"Eider Ice Garden",45.121,-93.4732,"Hockey rink","2024-01-20 13:13:52" 1662,"Willow Park ODR",48.4769,-89.3201,"35’x70 ODR, 48” end boards with 4’ mesh , 24” side boards. ","2024-01-20 13:33:37" 1663,"Sherms pond",42.186,-88.5699,"Small farm pond approximately 12 ft at the deepest point ","2024-01-20 13:33:41" 1664,"Gagin War Memorial",42.1965,-71.6274,"24x48 backyard sheet 2x8s and plywood boards. In operation since 2011. Great ice, fire pit, free beer and a secret taco bar. ","2024-01-20 13:43:54" 1665,"Back yard 25x14 residential ",42.9783,-77.3809,"Finally ready to skate on 25’x14’ rink in Victor, NY. ","2024-01-20 13:59:48" 1666,"Love Family Rink",41.7781,-73.4616,"25x50 ez-ice framed rink in the front yard of the Love family home on top of Skiff Mountain in beautiful Kent, CT.i","2024-01-20 14:27:46" 1667,"Ice Princess Rink",41.3718,-81.7772,"20x30 ft rectangle rink for pre freeskate figure skating.","2024-01-20 14:44:45" 1668,"East Cedar Ice",40.9718,-91.5464,"30x60 Back Yard Rink. 4ft walls. Lighting, and Party lights. ","2024-01-20 15:24:36" 1669,"Thomas Rink",43.453,-80.5689,"24x32 backyard rink","2024-01-20 15:34:36" 1670,"Dombanini Ice Palace ",46.6526,-112.024,"Nothing fancy. Just a 100 X 60 hole in the earth filled with lots of water. No liner. No boards. Just 3 ft of dirt burm around the rink. ","2024-01-20 16:34:40" 1671,"Norwalk Ice",41.6788,-93.6308,,"2024-01-20 16:49:41" 1672,"Danville Community Rink",44.4144,-72.1405,"Volunteer run community rink in the heart of Danville vt","2024-01-20 16:54:55" 1673,"Jack’s Rink",49.7982,-97.1076,"A 19’ x 26’ rink built from a rinkmaster kit. This is year 4 of our ODR and it gets used by our 9 year old almost every day. ","2024-01-20 16:55:33" 1674,Spring,47.4388,11.2576,6mx9m,"2024-01-20 17:19:00" 1675,"South Martin Rink",46.2783,-96.0993,40x64,"2024-01-20 17:22:52" 1676,"Rell Rink",41.7052,-72.6549,"25x50 Iron Sleek set up and liner. A son in travel youth hockey and a daughter on the high school team. ","2024-01-20 17:32:16" 1677,"Tomasini rink ",40.9864,-74.7349,"DIY backyard rink","2024-01-20 18:07:45" 1678,"Roschek Rink",42.2706,-85.7086,"The rink is 48x90, on our 1 acre pond. We have a light hung in a near by beech tree so we can play all evening. ","2024-01-20 18:16:16" 1679,"Z'S rink",41.6471,-88.2049,"30x40 feet. Deep end 20inches shallow 5 inches","2024-01-20 18:36:18" 1680,"Ole smokey",44.1663,-77.3696,"35x80 backyard rink. Started in 2021-ending in 2024","2024-01-20 18:38:27" 1681,"Dusters Pond",42.0789,-83.225,"32x46 hockey rink","2024-01-20 18:39:10" 1682,"Bordeleau Rink",41.8971,-88.3277,"48x32 backyard rink","2024-01-20 18:40:57" 1683,"Pearce Family Back Yard Rink",41.8592,-84.4748,"38'x38' 2x10 construction. 4""shallow end and 16"" deep end. Rope lights around perimeter and up the one end backboard and a take back line near the other end.","2024-01-20 18:54:07" 1684,CRF,41.652,-91.7262,"Outdoor easyIce","2024-01-20 19:17:52" 1685,"Depot ",42.582,-71.4385,"30x50 Ez Ice with Liner ","2024-01-20 19:18:50" 1686,"Hapner house",41.5347,-83.6656,"Small odr 20x30","2024-01-20 19:33:26" 1687,Home,42.2768,-89.0724,"30x40 ft backyard rink","2024-01-20 19:59:29" 1688,Daw,43.6482,-79.5397,"25 x 45","2024-01-20 21:23:03" 1689,"3c Arena",42.5506,-71.998,"Just a family backyard rink. 28×52","2024-01-20 21:25:18" 1690,"Four Kids Arena ",41.8265,-72.8037,"Each year we do the best we can with a sloped yard! ","2024-01-20 21:44:22" 1691,"Top Hockey Club Rink",38.7531,-90.7859,"20x40 EZICE PRO","2024-01-20 22:06:40" 1692,"97 Karen Crescent ",44.737,-63.3082,"First year. Going well so far","2024-01-20 23:26:17" 1693,"Weaver Memorial Ice Arena",41.9515,-87.7248,"7th year for this 40x10 rink located in Chicago built with 2x8 lumber and 6mil clear liner in sideyard.","2024-01-21 02:56:14" 1694,"Twin Pines",40.3202,-80.0402,"20x40 Backyard Gem, 2' high boards on 3 sides, 1 end standard height boards","2024-01-21 04:00:50" 1695,"McKWink Rink",44.9447,-93.1537,"24 x 50, we've been building a rink for over 15 years I believe.","2024-01-21 13:42:34" 1697,Auldylachs,41.565,-80.3567,"Personal outdoor hockey rink 60x100","2024-01-21 14:12:06" 1698,"Read Rink",43.2864,-80.4409,"16x32’ ply wood boards with plastic bracing. 22” in deep end 4” in shallow. ","2024-01-21 14:13:57" 1699,"Obie’ s ODR",58,-94,"56x32 3/4” plywood boards and 2x4 brackets. Started in 2021","2024-01-21 17:38:17" 1700,"Yonkers Rink",40.9139,-73.8992,12x40,"2024-01-21 22:49:47" 1701,"Backyard skate",41.9278,-72.4046,"20x55 outdoor rink surrounded by trees","2024-01-22 02:21:37" 1702,"Tommy’s rink",40.8651,-74.3939,"Backyard rink. 30’ x 40’. Randolph, NJ","2024-01-22 03:05:40" 1703,Hintz,43.2943,-87.9929,"45x70 Cedarburg rink!","2024-01-22 03:30:40" 1704,"Carpenter Boys",43.9372,-90.8429,"1st year rink built with pallets and a liner ","2024-01-22 17:02:26" 1705,"Hillside Hockey Haven",41.0183,-80.3573,"32x18 backyard rink","2024-01-22 18:25:42" 1706,"Sykes ODR",43.5098,-79.8594,"The car ride free trip to the rink. 20x30.","2024-01-23 05:04:49" 1707,"Dickson Ice palace",58,-94,"Our rink is alitle over half regulation size. Located in Central Pennsylvania. It is loved by friends, neighbors and more!","2024-01-23 11:15:59" 1708,"Buckhorn Sports Pad",44.5534,-78.3599,"Municipal Facility, 140x70, covered, rink boards, arena glass, and sun shades","2024-01-23 15:03:25" 1709,"Kinsmen Park ODR",45.8228,-77.1026,"Hockey rink and skating pad","2024-01-23 15:05:16" 1710,"Boyd Rink",44.8133,-91.4857,"Boyd Rink - Shelter/warming house - general skating - pond hockey goals - skate helpers","2024-01-23 15:12:01" 1711,"Kimberly Lane Arena",42.5038,-82.9068,,"2024-01-23 17:10:00" 1712,"Beuning Ballpark Rink",45.8834,-95.412,"40'x 80'","2024-01-23 19:25:40" 1713,"Mooney family rink",43.4534,-80.5588,"42 x 24 (measurements in feet). String lights around, LED lights under liner for blue lines and red lines. ","2024-01-23 21:11:42" 1714,"Quinn Family",44.366,-79.5451,"66' x 32' outdoor/backyard rink","2024-01-24 10:20:53" 1715,"Leo and Charlie's BYR",44.6284,-63.6046,"21x23' 2x10"" box with a liner 3 to 5"" of ice","2024-01-25 10:59:29" 1716,"Backyard Rink",44.7227,-93.1674,"20 x 40 rink back yard rink","2024-01-25 20:15:29" 1717,"Atlanta Representing!",33.7473,-84.3025,"16x32 Backyard rink available to skate for a full day!","2024-01-25 20:59:07" 1719,"Slick's Skating Slab",44.8292,-87.3988,"Door County's finest front-yard ice rink! Official practice facility of DA BEERS Pond Hockey Team since 2019.","2024-01-25 21:30:00" 1720,"Brushett Outdoor Rink",47.6428,-52.7828,"Established in 2022. Owned by Jay & Rachel Brushett, maintained by Dad (Jordan).","2024-01-25 22:25:11" 1721,"Côté Bothers",52.1064,-106.729,"40x80 year 6","2024-01-26 11:48:03" 1722,"Easy Street Arena",42.1299,-83.1028,"30x40 rink built with 2x12 Boards with IronSleek Liner","2024-01-26 15:42:33" 1723,"North Shore ODR",40.9084,-73.5758,"24x28 nice rink","2024-01-26 21:17:39" 1724,Rinkola,42.5916,-71.5778,,"2024-01-27 01:15:29" 1725,KJ,58,-94,"40 x 80","2024-01-27 22:18:55" 1726,"Frantz Lake ",38.5433,-106.021,"Local pond maintained by non profit Ice Truck for Chaffee County. First week of safe ice h has been first week of December since efforts began in 2010. Last week is typically second week of March","2024-01-28 11:29:24" 1727,"Wagner Lake",44.1867,-79.1313,"This is a small lake Northeast of Toronto, which is primarily a private lake. Several rinks are usually created on the lake close to the residents shoreline. Other winter activities like cross country skiing, snowmobiling and ice fishing occur on the lake. ","2024-01-28 13:43:11" 1728,"Luke's Rink",44.1307,-79.2064,"36'x 70' rink with a skirt and liner. Once frozen, additional boards are added. Used for fun backyard shinny games and minor roughhousing. Lights for extended skating hours and visual ambiance. ","2024-01-30 20:14:52" 1729,"Princess Point ",43.2721,-79.9027,"The body of water within Coote's Paradise off of Princess Point in Hamilton, Ontario is shallow and will freeze over in the winter quickly after the temperature drops below 0. ","2024-01-31 22:21:42" 1730,Boardman,44.3853,-73.2537,"55 x 95’ rink on a court surface. EZ ice set up with silage tarp. Town water source. Season five of rink ","2024-02-02 21:37:28" 1731,"Backyard Rink",43.5271,-80.6145,,"2024-02-07 03:52:40" 1732,"Norton Outdoor Rink",45.5635,-65.7945,"Large outdoor rink in the heart of the village of Norton.","2024-02-09 22:15:53" 1733,"McAdam Outdoor Skating Rink",45.5962,-67.3274,"Built in the 1950s, the skating rink is open to public, free of charge. The asphalt surface, allows for smooth skating in the winter, and rollerblading, skateboarding and other activities in the summer. ","2024-02-22 20:35:43" 1734,"McAdam Outdoor Skating Rink",45.5962,-67.3275,"Built in the 1950s, the skating rink is open to public, free of charge. Heated change rooms are on site, and lighting allows for night skates. The asphalt undersurface provides for smooth skating in the winter, and rollerblading, skateboarding and other activities in the summer. ","2024-02-22 20:39:35" 1735,"Parc Vinet",45.4836,-73.5764,"This rink goes up every year with an extra flooded area for casual skaters for whenever a game is on. It gets taken down end of March, except in 2024, where they dismantled it end of February. ","2024-03-02 13:31:45" 1736,"Newman Family Rink",44.6471,-79.6036,"Family backyard rink for nearly 4 decades.","2024-04-02 13:41:04"